Gamescom 2016


Bornracer54321 Bornracer54321

looks great on the live feed, in reality what you get inside the vr is mega drive graphics

Hvit Network

mgsv is phenomenal comparerd to mg survival

Tristan Otto

Does it reset my stats of the original driveclub?

ant stenhouse

Played this for the first time with a mate yesterday. Was so fun.

Brian Eastwood

Problem with vr headsets at the moment and driving games is the resolution is too low for far distances. So looking a head looking at corners well ahead your focusing on a small part of the screen and it looks really blurry. It's like sims DCS ect its difficult to see dials. I've done loads of vids on my channel in various games.

Özcan Y.

Why not Turbo Mode ?

ToxicKon 21

I love your guys accents.

Mirko Milanko

Am I Only one who see that he is not driving it?! Few times he turns left or right and car still going his way, I was suprised at the begining how good he is, but hen i realizes it's fake. :/ :S :@


this is the first video that i actually enjoyed watching his reactions more than the game play itself. i legit cant wait to play this in VR when i get mine. goodbye, social life.


I felt like throwing up when I played this

Ayakashi Hadate

this game is the most obvious Milking of the Metal Gear franchise. they mike as well call it Metal Gear Milking


i feel like the points and time and stuff should be integrated into the nav display or into the actual instrument cluster in the car, but i guess you dont really care about that when in VR..

Steffen Terril

What wheel settings do these guys use? I have the same wheel and the controls feel somehow soft. not as good as in Project CARS or Assetto Corsa.


mostra en grande las imágenes del juego bobo no a voz,quien te quiere ver


WoW! This is a best driver VR game I have ever played and I have HTC and PS VR. This game is so great in getting you inside a race car and a race car driver that I feel that this VR edition of Driveclub deserves more DLC and more content because this is gonna be the BEST VR DRIVE GAME for a long time. Congrats to the developers and make more games for VR like this..

sweet tv

wie der erste teil

rob b

uhh the VR should be the BIG picture and the guy should be Small, yer all daft


Übersetzt: Ein teuflisch gutes Game


Hey this video it's so cool can i get a free Ps Vr pls i need one because in my country (Romania) cost too much pls i need one


The graphics are terrible using the standard PS4 I wonder if it's better on the pro

Burak ÖRS

Bu ne biçim oyun, yapmasaydınız daha iyiydi

Bülent Chan

fuck game ever! alle rätseln wiederholen sich, keine zombies, nur aus irgendwelche Horrorfilme geklaute story und unter 10std durch das Spiel! der Name Resident Evil wird nur noch ausgelutscht! beste teil ist für mich immer noch nemesis und Remake 1!!

Jukka Muhonen

Nice video. But this shows for me basic problem with playstation and some mario kart games, AI opponents behind you drive faster and opponents front of you drives lower because of handicaps. But this video gave good idea what it is to drive in VR.

Young Soorma

looks like this video is about dave trying to be famous.. i can hardly see the gameplay!! well done mate what review


Here's a thought. make the video larger and your fatass smaller.


Memories :3

derek salinas

haha fun now turn off the assists and really play it


Rokstargames is so arm die können keine realive autos in gta5 hinzufügen

Frying Bacon

U can just tell that rob is so pissed off about mgs survive

Andrew Cramer



I think i heard Frankie voice

Alex Master

Anne ist sssooooo hot

Alex Master


Sascha Blum

they are so impressed BUT Driveclub looks realy BAD IN VR" this game need better aliasing and resolution pro Patch is missing... so dont buy driveclub VR!

Lauryn Cauchi

im really into strong cheeses


2:38 what's with the cut? It's out of sync from there.



roderick green

batman vs soprman

Антон Злобин

If I had set up like this, by by reality.

Tomas Beha

Typical, console AIs always have about half the horse power apparently, LOL

Scott Busbee

Metal Gear Survive?... More like metal gear is 'trying' to survive!!

Furness Prime

The video wasn't synced properly-- so it was making me confused..

DavloGaming No commentary

i played this and instantly felt funny and after a few minuted felt like i was gunna throw up, and i was sat down.

srakso badf

look at 3:58 FAAAAKEEE

Douglas Casagrande

Why don't they make the thing that detects your head movement also detect your hands movement? If he takes the hand out of the steering wheel, I don't think it would be that difficult to mimic this in VR.

B Gard

I'm still wondering if PSVR gives the impression of 3d or if it's just a 2d realm

Dustin Smith

A lot of fun but have only been able to get through one race at a time because the motion sickness is killer. Hoping I get use to it.

Elites Engineering

GTA SA graphics in 2016. 10/10


Why wouldn't the video editor line the two clips up? They were completely off.


Just Drive Dave!!


just got myself a wheel and I keep reaching for the non existent turn signals in forza horizon 3


star citizen für vr ? ^^ wie wärs damit ?


gibts da auch nen sp modus mit story oder is das ein reines pvp game ? :-(


also multiplayer spiel . sind die meisten nicht kostenpflichtig inzwischen wenn man online zockt ? bei ps3 warn meine spiele noch kostenlos online zu spielen . wie sieht es bei dem spiel hier aus ? beste wär ma ein battlestar galactica game zu bringen wo man im jäger sitzt oder ein komplettes starwars weltraumballerspiel nicht nur die 1 läppische missi wie bei sw battlefront dafür kauf ich mir doch nicht extra das komplette game nochmal für die ps4


Funny how his wheel movement and the car movement doesnt match up at all :D


well actually, in real car you don't have to move you'r head like a madman to see in rear view mirror and side mirrors, you only need to move you'r eyes, so it's not that much of a real thing, still needs improving!

Saad Lahkim

Please play and stop talking

Ben boom

asshole game this is fake best resident evil 1 - 6 this is vr shit game i buy resident evil 4

patricia abreu

This is fcking fake !! this dont syncronize with screen ...




Definetly getting this VR. But quick question. How much is the steering wheel to actually play the game in best experience?


what setup was that? wheel

Kathy Sullivan

Cant understand much of what your saying. Talking way too fast and heavy slurred accent. Game player much easier to understand

Naramsin Moshe

Do u need the steering wheel


nice video sync job @ 2:42

Mac & Cheese

what is the steering wheel and seat you are using in this video because I am looking to get a vr myself. I will be getting drive club and I want the full experience. Thank you for your time and have a great day.


wonder if there are any XOF soldiers in metal gear survive, i mean, they couldn't all be dead when motherbase went down, some of them where probably still alive.

Aaron Tyeryar

This is a great mode to play with a friend. You can also add cards to each playthrough so you can mod the experience.


He's totally not playing it by himself. Some heavy Drivers Assist is helping him. "I've never been this good at a racing game", probably not you smuck, but that's obviously not because of VR. Poor plebs falling for this kind of advertisement.

Along Brown

If the 7 is a fps game. I will just see the other playing it, I won't buy it.


does this game have a heavy class or medic class in drop suits?


I find the quality on mine is more like a low 720p with really jagged edges and quite blurry??? not only that, but when you turn your head, you can see these fuzzy crosshatch looking things?

Conrad Guthman

I have a Logitech g27 racing wheel for my PS3 would it work for this game?

Lorenzo Patterson

Ein anderer Titel wäre vielleicht besser. Denn für mich sind die echten gruseligen, Horror Teile Resident Evil 1 & 2 & 3 Nemesis & Resi 1 Remake & Resi Zero & Resi Code Veronica. Denn die waren echt Gänsehaut, mit echten Zombies und Super Gameplay. Resi 4 und 5 sind auch gute Games, jedoch ohne echte Zombies und (leider) mehr Action als Horror. Resi 6 und andere Auskopplungen sind nichts besonderes mehr. Leider. Ich wäre eher für fette Remakes von Resi 1, 2, 3 Nemesis, Zero, Code Veronica.

Sebastian Torres

Not for PC?

Madlene Jahn

Ich hab das Spiel jetzt gespielt und geb jetzt meinen senf dazu. Mir hat es spaß gemacht, es ist leider nicht allzu lang aber ich bin überzeugt, Bis jetzt neben Rigs mein lieblings vr Spiel. Ja die Grafik könnte besser sein aber im großen Ganzen bin ich zufrieden, Motion sickness habe ich aber einfach nicht, da kann ich deswegen auch nichts dazusagen. Nur ein kleiner Anstoß an die Leute die VR nichtmal eine Chance geben wegen der Grafik, überdenkt das nochmal, ein Spiel macht auch ohne UHD s

T9 heaven

The guy who left behind ...actually travel to another dimension I understand the story but that mean big boss is death


Holy crap, how much is this set up going to cost?

rhoni tix

quelqun parle francai

Ben boom

Das Spiel ist mit dem Titel vr kaputt keine haupt figur keine Hände ^^ man hat 1 bis 6 gelockt wozu haben die Dan alle überlebt das der Dreck das alles kaputt machen man sollte es einschrotten und es wird eh floppen schade das kein nach folger mehr kommt von sechs da die Story weiter geht mit ada und umbrella neo und der hurensohn macht es kaputt

Jaylen Moncrief


Mal Davies

since psvr I haven't wanted to buy anything other than vr titles but this looks like a great game so will be giving it a try! it helps that I enjoyed the original I guess☺


This guy lied yes it's normal on secondary screen but inside the goggles it's very blurry.


Drive club VR in PS4 Pro is very disappointing the menu is sharp but when you race the roads and everything else is out of focus very blurry. Potential lawsuit here which the game itself can damage your eyes.


Aua, Wolf und XCom 2 sind keine gute Mischung. Bekomm da ja schon fast körperliche Schmerzen beim zuschaun. xD Schade nur, weils ein echt tolles Game ist. Kann ich allen empfehlen die bisschen auf Strategie und einem knackigen Schwierigkeitsgrad stehen


Auto shifting...

Pierre Guerin Borgia

What would such a setup cost?

Rozzi747jet Jet

if this is the cause 4 the delay 4 #GrandTurismoSportLimtedEdition this sucks just make it a $ add on ps4 steering wheel an psvr comes 2 1k alone ready to protest who's wit me f uh #psvr junk you ask me I'd rather us my HD 120" projector #Walltv is where is at check my page I have a 100" plasma going bigger 2 50" I know that thing get hot and sweaty after a couple hours irratable too like wearing a welding mask


Also manche hier sind echt nicht die hellsten was? Direkt von einer VR Brille aufgenommen kommt die Grafik auf einen Bildschirm nicht gut rüber. Man muss erstmal die Brille anziehen und dann hat man das volle Erlebnis mit der echten Grafik!

Jose Navarro

where can someone get the steering wheel

Stan Barber

I was so disappointed when I preordered south park and then discovered that its been pushed back until next year.


Haha, he is so cool. I guess I will act the same way!!!

Jericho 80

Hey Anne was traegst du da fuer ne Strumphose will meine Freundin wissen,sie finded sieht sexy aus

Diego Parga

Sooo, is this split screen co-op?

The Gaming Coyote

Vr headset + ps4 + stearing wheel =$1000+


The big enemy is probably ZEKE as it likely would have gotten sucked in too

mbongeni ngcobo

lovin them friday featuers keep it up kinda looks like you guys responded to my message so thnx

Cola Soda

Out of all the VR games, drive club is my favorite. btw i never got motion sickness playing it


I decided to invest in a Force feedback steering wheel, and a vibrating chair that reacts to crashes and rumbles off road etc, best decision I made and makes it feel so much better

JaCk CaCk

since the vr power box has been connected to my ps4 ive noticed the web browser extremely slow and today you can't even back out of a psvr game. you have to turn off the system. this should have been tested better before it was released.

Anthony Rose

It's established that Rob is great, but we need more of this dynamic duo. Holly and I seem to have the same taste in games, so hearing her input would be fantastic.

Ashflow Ramza

The campaign reminds me of Metal Gear Solid V

Ashflow Ramza

No split screen co-op... :-( RIP split screen co-op me and my cousin was hoping we can play this together but no offline co-op




Die Grafik sieht ja mal aus wie Scheisse


Does anyone know what steering wheel he is using? Is that some sony brand? And the chair? I need all of this.


I think the giant thing is the burning man.

Yusuf khot

Atleast better than infinity warfare!

J Patt

i have just played this and wow it is amazing. and when i drove my actual car it felt a bit weird lol. great game. bring more driving games

Aaron Rowland

This might make me switch to PS4 wow


Entschuldigt aber das ist doch Eindeutig ein "Titanic Schlampen" Cosplay xD

Ricky Montes

only cons about vr is the black bordel lines in the side of the screen. That takes away the vr experience


had a go today at the very event in Manchester , had a go on drive club and rigs. drive club was surprisingly pixelated....good driving immersion very intuitive almost mind bending but the graphics whilst good were not like the video makes it look. Rigs was very smooth graphically and the immersive quality was excellent.


I think Sony did a great job. not many tithes yet but I did pick up drive club but disappointed looks a ps3 title. it was probably rushed but still enjoyable to play

Tyler Caldwell

what's so bad about learning new things

___Jared ___

3:45 to like 4:00 you can totally tell he is just driving a demo game with a headset on he is driving straight at full left lock and then the car turns itself


4:41 Can't wait to play Skryim!

Ranjita Nijjar

I'm on Level 33


Do you need the PS pro to experience this properly? The demo I've got is not that great.

Kevin Vieira

I can't wait for GT Sport to come out. I've played regular Driveclub and it was very underwhelming in steering feel with a controller. This looks really good, (PSVR and a wheel probably improves the feeling a ton) but I trust GT to provide an even more immersive experience

Miguel Machado

Can someone explain why Sony would kill Evolution studios and DriveClub and then do this half a year later?

The Creator

when they dont mention dragon ball xenoverse 2

Marvin Junk

100 er Like


finally a vr game with good graphicd


next time make the guy small and the game play big




they need to make a gta virtual reality game. WOuld be amazing.

_nba baller_

people who say game teach you nothing not true. you get to be a fucking astronaut how cool you get to go to planets even tho they fake


why do they keep doing this? we want to see the gameplay not Dave!

Tanino “EDOtheAnimetor” Edoardo

I kinda ship them

Wondering Hippie

That's gonna be me in a few months. I LOVE THE FUTURE!

Anthony Steele

what kind of steering wheel are you using?

The Italians Spartans

FAKE! 2:55 - 3:04 Look at him, then look at the actualy vision, it's FAKE!

Cenk Toplar

So ok I wanna play dirt rally and Project Cars with VR on ps4 , can I ?? Because if its then I would def buy it

sock tube

does the game come with that steering wheel?

Metallica Fox

The final release of Driveclub VR looks so damn ugly in comparison to this. 

Dr. Jay

Next we'll need thin gloves or something like that to detect exactly where your hands are!


I have to get VR if only to play Driveclub. That looks incredible.


is forza horizon also supported for psvr?

jasio kowalski

Try it before you buy it becasue some people (like me) get dizzy after playing VR.

Lai Yuin Hong

if only i can afford the ps4,the game,the ps vr and the whole racing setup......


would like to know what force feedback steering and pedal setup you used, i know many are WAAAAYYYY expensive

Leandro S

The movements are noy in sync with the game..

frendly pedo

Could not stop smiling throughout, normally not into driving games,but this changed my mind.

frendly pedo

"Just drive, Dave!" haha


I played the demo of DriveClub VR and I felt sick immediately. Perhaps it was just me not being oriented properly but I had to turn off the demo in under five minutes. At a stand still, DriveClub VR is already super blurry, let alone while youre speeding down the road. The bumps and sharp turns were the worst. Bad experience for me, but remember, this is just one man talking. Maybe be better for you. Hope so anyways.

Beriff Dundorian

I take it they can't voice there real opinions then ? Shame !! Everyone needs a pay check ! But if your gonna sell a game , at least do it properly ! Can't blame him though it looks cack!


This is what I've always wanted from VR. I'll surely be getting PSVR in the spring.




i bought this game , and i have the another one , te regular stardust ultra... i have on my VR and when i select to play the VR in the menu .its locket .. i dont know why ? if already have it.. someone can tell me what happens ?


Was so excited for this, now i'm disappointed. Got my vr today, played this a few minutes ago. It looks like a ps one game, a pixelated blurry mess. Am i doing something wrong? I've done every step both on reddit and ps vr forums to make it better, to no avail. At least i didn't get sick.

Byron Wilson

You are kiars, Now we have played this and seen the ps2-3 graphics.......

TomCom Videos

is it only me? I see lags

rashed kiwan

play rocket league with the vr

Direct Drive Life

its interesting to see a gamer put into a sim racers world. lol. reminds me of my reactions to dk2 and Iracing with the t500. good to see this guy didnt gey sick. maybe its the wheel

Dustin Bille

So I have to know.... and this makes a HUGE difference in the overall Driveclub visual experience.... Was this on a regular Playstation 4 or was this on the newer, faster and beefier Playstation 4 Pro?

justin alvarado

they need to put sensors in the steering wheel that detects your hands placement

Dajjal Alee

Not using shifter. Lame.


"You just hit that car" "Yes...but th-that's fine". XD

Valid Name

Awesome journalistic work there - The HD remake nor the VR mode had the slightest thing to do with Housemarque. Well done guys. Earning that wage.

Flo Baumann

"come on eileen"

Ali Abbas Ali

xenoverse ist scheiße ich will ein remake von dragonball budukai tenkaichi 2 und 3


Ich liebe Lara Croft auch sehr. Ich bin schon ganz gespannt auf Rise of the Tomb Raider für PS4. :D


Ich finde generell Open-World nicht so schlimm. Ist ja aktuell voll im Trend. Aber ich hasse es wenn man 100te Punkte auf der Map abchecken muss. Ja ich sage muss, weil ich ein Spieler bin der alles vom Spiel sehen will. ich zahle keine 70€ nur um die hälfte zu sehen weil ich kein Bock auf Nebenmissionen habe. DSafür lohnt es sich nicht so viel Geld auszugeben. Finde ich. Wie es bei Mafia III ist werde ich sehen.


I play the game yesterday on Firstlook and it is Suck !!!


what steering wheel is this?


This video sold me

Danny robert

played this today at PlayStation demo tour in Sheffield. cons. it is super grainy. not blurred, it was in focus just fine but graphically it's grainy. you could barley read the Speedo. pros. it's is absolutely amazing and you very quickly forget the cons. is so immersive. the steering wheel is a deal breaker. I can't comment on how it feels with a controller.

elias mora

i try it.. in a open formula car... wow its really feels you a are in thecar..


I wish it came out the same time as the headset.


Anne wie immer ein echter Hingucker ♥

Jon The Don

I CAN'T WAIT. WOW! Well done Dave!


"Just Drive Dave !" Such a beer through nose moment..........

Mika Schulz

Hallo an alle , sind Die Spiele auch in Deutsch Spielbar ? sonst bringt mir Die Playstation VR leider nichts :-/ LG Mika Schulz


She'll yes I can't wait to play this


No Man Sky actualization 1.2 hahahahahaha


Is there a list of games that offer vr?

Carlos Perez

that was amazing

Igo Ars (HyperX3M)

I've tried it recently and loved it, even though graphics were watered down.

Martey Smith

Finde es gut das es auch mal abwechslung gibt, bei Mafia 2 hätte ich mir nichts lieber gewünscht als Freizeit.

Kurosaki Carlos

The future is here!!!

Moretime´s Studio

Hope you guys don`t force Dave to play a horror game on that device :D


you talk sooooooooo much


Also ich liebe es ja unnormal, wenn es bei OpenWorld Spiele viele Nebenmissionen gibt. Ich bin generell ein übelster Fan der OpenWorld Games und habe mir deshalb auch schon Mafia 3 vorbestellt. Danke für dieses hat mir jetzt einen noch besseren Eindruck gegeben <3 LG Tim

Picaso Black (Fuji)

Oi oi oi!! Rob's a pap now, is he? When did THAT happen?

Säsch Distorted

Wer zur hölle ist für das make up zuständig.....feuert die alte

ibro bublin

kann man in deutsch spielen

Angelo Lanoy

do i have to buy the game again just for the vr?

Suhail Mustafa



looks great, hope I can find one on launch is the question

Arma Tuber

People never tried Project Cars with HTC Vive? It's amazing :)


what's the framerate? anything below 90fps and youre gonna get sick

Fedde Bohne

also das ein oder andere minigame ala open world wäre schon nett gewesen. poker, schach, dart, billard etc.

Heart of Anatolia

Diese ganze rumjammerei hier. Warum ist das ein open World... usw. Holt euch doch einfach dieses Spiel und ballert da rum und habt doch einfach Spaß. Was soll dieses ganze rumgeheule? Immer dieser Vergleich mit GTA. Wer kein bock darauf hat, der soll einfach die Finger davon weglassen. Wen ich spiele, Dan will ich einfach abschalten und den Alltag für eine Weile vergessen. Welches Spiel ist den 100%? Sei es Mechanik oder Story? Vor zwanzig Jahren liefen noch irgendwelche Strich Männchen üb


And where trams?

ROY Chun

screen delay........


Come on now, if PSVR is impressive to u, ur a joke! PC VR, specifically the VIVE is great but even PC VR barely can get it right with better resolution, and even that gets pixelated. I do want VR to become a think but so far none of the games have been impressive at al, besides for the first time u try VR.

Russell Morrison

VR is where it's at. That looked sick! Pretty board of standard gaming these days but after seeing that I doubt I'll be board for long.

Jack Tyler

2K soll Mafia 3 mal mit nem PS4-Pro-Patch ordentlich pushen. Die Framerate und die Pop Ups sind ja mal nicht so dolle...

Liszy's GameChannel | die Liszy

Kann ich den Sound wirklich nur per VR Klinken Regler Eingang hören oder kann ich das Klinken Kabel auch ganz normal an den TV anschließen um den Sound zu hören ?


i will admit i have tried the vr and it is really cool but after a while it gets like OK what else is there to do.


wipeout vr plz

Anthony Steele

I've always said that they should just market VR for what it can do properly which is Driving Games, Flying Games and space sims.

Robin Roggenbuck

"Erschiessen Wir die Scheiße!" gehe mal stark davon aus, dass das einfach eine rassistische Abwertung des schwarzen Protagonisten ist.

Abhineet Pathak


Lazy Man

Wer das nicht schafft zusammenzustecken der bekommt auch keine Milchtüte auf. Fände ein Vorstellen der Feature wie Cinemamode usw viel interessanter.


Wie schwer ist das Headset wirklich ? 700 Gramm - 1 Kilo ?


Mafia III > Grafik eher semicool...openworld is mir eig. eher egal da GTA 5 eh besser is handsdown, Gameplay...nix neues hmmm vollpreis ohne mich lol

Andre Robinson

wait until we have forza with vr

The Weird One

Welp i wonder what xbox is going to do about this


3.50 min.Alles schön und gut mit der ps vr, aber weiß jemand wo man sie noch vorbestellen kann, media Markt, saturn und games stop ist schon alles ausverkauft.

Victor leão

lá pesquiso de

Brad Kolar

I had no idea stardust was going in this direction with it! So awesome lol


This nearly made me want a Steering Wheel, but I think I'll try it with SixAxis tilting before I commit.

The Gaming Buddies

Also ich finde open world gut aber wie du schon sagst es könnte ein echtes Problem sein das es sich mit so großen spielen wie GTA messen muss

The Gaming Buddies

Also ich finde open world gut aber wie du schon sagst es könnte ein echtes Problem sein das es sich mit so großen spielen wie GTA messen muss

Warren Joe

What steering wheel and peddle kit is this and how much.

Jacob Krieger

Was macht Wolf da ?


1:20:26 ...und schaltet die Atomkraftwerke aus!

Efrain Rios

Can you add to the sonic the hedgehog pack Tails,Amy and Knuckels


the stylist/makeup artist for the female presenter should better work for the walking dead team.


I can't wait to get one of this VR's in my hands to play with them ;)

Koen Driessen

I tried this game in Rotterdam and when I stood up while racing I could stick my head outside the panoramic sun roof. That moment was Bonkers.

Marvin Schimpf

Mich würde auch mal interessieren ob es wieder bei den Autos den Spritverbrauch und die Anzeige für gefahrene Kilometer gibt so wie in Mafia 1 und Mafia 2?

Tobias E.

Also ich lass das Spiel auf mich zukommen! Ich bin ein Fan der Mafia Reihe und spiele es seit dem 1 Teil. Das mit dem Open World gameplay muss ich sagen hat gute und schlechte Punkte, wie du sie schon angesprochen hast! Jedoch kaufe ich mir das Spiel weil ich finde das man so ein Spiel nicht mit GTA vergleichen kann. Ps: Das Video war super und hat mir sehr gefallen. Das freie reden zu den gameplay im Hintergrund fände ich wirklich gut! Weiter so Wolf!

Данькоу Тв

хахахахаха вод лох


Was für ein Stream wieder, Ihr wart Klasse Leute.

The Baris 74

Kann man auch das Outfit anpassen? Weil in jedem Video er das selbe Outfit trägt.


Eine Stunde mit wäre super ;D


Wolf hat doch in XCom2 absichtlich tief gestapelt um dann in Worms zu glänzen.

Sam Wolf

Ich hätte mir gewünscht ihr wärt noch auf die Demo eingegangen und hättet auf die Kamera hingewiesen. So finde ich es unvollständig.

Play play

Braucht ihr euch nicht für ps4 holen gibt's auch für Handy und tablets

Play play

Sitzt Sony genauso wie Nintendo in Frankfurt?

Jerry Jcwgpii jeremie jerry

Day one

Selfmade Universe

Anne wird auch von Woche zu Woche heißer^^ Abgesehen davon eine schöne Ausgabe :)

Sonic 99

das problem ist das die kritik an mafia 2 ja war das mann in der open world nichts tun konnte hätte mann das in mafia 3 auch so gemacht hätten sich mehr leute drüber aufgeregt. mann kann es nicht allen recht machen

Jack Tyler

Anne und Wolf, ihr seid echt klasse! Wisst ihr eigentlich, wo PS VR gefertigt wird? Made in Japan steht zwar für Qualität, aber auch für Fukushima. ;-)


Ist keine Demo oder sowas bei der PSVR dabei?

Mikee Remastered

But I don't get it? Driveclubs 30fps. This is 60fps. So why can't driveclub be 60? Am i missing something?

Genc Osman

Danke Wolf das du bei Kino+ warst ,bitte öfters :D und Anne auch und Trant auch ach kommt am besten alle xD

Mahony Rakete

8:27 Der "BASIC INSTINCT"-Moment :D

Ereb Ágilus

Sieht schon gut aus aber ist einfach kein Mafia Spiel. Mafia 1 war eins der besten Spiele aller Zeiten (für mich) aber Teil 3 orientiert sich anscheinend mehr an Assassins Creed, was das Übernehmen von Gebieten angeht. Mafia lebte bislang von den Charakteren und der Story und da scheint mir Teil 3 zu einfach gestrickt zu sein. Aber dennoch werde ich es kaufen und mir selbst ein Bild machen.

Ereb Ágilus

Wolf! Anne! Ich mag euch :D


PS VR. Man darf gespannt sein. Der Countdown läuft

Jherence_ Army

I already have the full game of driveclub. Do I still need to buy another one??? Or is it already free?


Wenn das nicht NSFW ist weiß ich auch nicht...

Jermaul West

now i need this wheel and pedal setup

Mahony Rakete

open world zerstört alles! dieses ganze unnötige achievement-scheiße, nur um schwache storys zu überspielen und spielzeit rauszuschinden...


Mich verliert ein open world spiel nicht, bis ich 100% habe. Allen die anders denken sei geraten, überlegt ob open world die art von spiel ist die ihr spielen wollt. War jez mal ne ansage wa? ;)

Martijn nvt

Oh man, VR is gonna be the future! What's better than feel like IN the game? Seriously... wow! Just WOW..

Jack Thorpe

Will it be the full drive club game??


Super excited for this game! Can't imagine how fun it's going to be playing a racing game in VR! Just hope I don't get motion sickness. I heard that this is one of the few games that could cause it:/ if Dave can brave through then hopefully i can too haha. Great video guys as always


Wow this is really impressive!

GrumP InDaFace

DRIVECLUB VR add-on for "only" 19,99 €. SHAME ON YOU SONY !

David Lennon

i reckon we wil see uncharted on psVR n god of war psvr ( there PlayStation exclusives anyway) n other multi plat games like battlefield 1 VR doing Sports games in VR be crazy lol specially likes of top sport games UFC or wwe, maybe work for Fifa, nba

David Lennon

GTAV on PlayStation VR would be good

Creative Monster

Is the whole game in VR or just a portion of it?

Franky van Wursten

Ich fand, das MGS 5 schon durch die Open World seinen Reiz verloren hat, aber das Spiel war auch absolut nicht mehr auf die Story ausgelegt. Letztendlich kommt es ja auf den einzelnen Spieler an, wie sehr man sich von der Story ablenken lässt. Letztendlich glaube ich das die Story absolut überzeugen wird und man über das Open World Defizit gut hinweg schauen kann.


IM SHOCKED that i dont see one Microsoft fan trolling in the comments about Forza 3. This makes me have hope for console unity. Even the trolls are impressed.

Clint Dlowrev

Sieht okay aus, aber die KI ist teilweise ja wirklich haarsträubend dämlich. Ich kann nicht sagen, ich würde fingernägelkauend auf dieses Spiel warten, aber ich mag das Setting und Open World an sich auch. Eine faire Chance wird es also von mir bekommen.

Twin Shots

will you be able to live stream to youtuhe on the VR coming out soon


Die KI macht irgendwie das ganze Spiel schlecht... hoffentlich gibt es höhere Schwierigkeitsgrade




2:36 ernsthaft jetz :3

Maik Köhler

Ich warte sooo sehnsüchtig drauf

David Weigel

Du hast doch mittlerweile inside playstation übernommen, oder Wolf? :D


Mir gefällt das Format des Videos sehr gut. Das freie Sprechen über dem Bildmaterial kommt sehr natürlich und lässt sich sehr gut ansehen!

Mr croat83

Ich freue mich total drauf und ich bin ein Typ Spieler der es liebt erst die Nebenmissionen zu machen und dann die Story. Je mehr Nebenmissionen desto besser

Toni Brunner

Open World... Nun, es kommt natürlich drauf an, wie die Welt gefüllt ist. The Witcher 3 hat das Niveau auf eine komplett neue Ebene getragen. Jeder Millimeter wude mit Details gefüllt. Zudem waren die Locations sehr abwechslungsreich. Der Hauptgrund aber, warum the Witcher der Primus der Open World Spiele ist, ist weil die Quests allesamt Handgeschrieben sind und das merkt man bei jeder noch so kleinen Quest, denn jede fühlt sich wie eine wichtige Hauptquest an. Und Spiele wie Fallout oder


sehr cooles videos. ich freu mich mega auf den release nächste woche und habs auch schon im store vorbestellt. gerade weil es ein open world titel ist freu ich drauf. ich versuche dabei nicht an gta zu denken denn, sein wir ehrlich, an gta 5 wird es wohl kaum ran reichen. aber ich bin sicher, dass mafia 3 der burner wird.

max muller

es erinnert mich an der pate und nicht mafia

Tobsen Hey

Mich würde echt deine Meinung zu Hitman interessieren. Gutes Video Wolf!


2:40 ist ja mal mega geil


generell bin ich fan von openworld games...aber für stiry getriebene Sachen ust das möglicherweise nicht das ware...bei Fallout werd ich gerne abgelenkt...aber hier bin ich nicht sicher...werds mur angucken. futes Video Wolfe:)

Daniel Limberg

wiedermal 6000 leute niederschießen ... toll


wtf was geht mit der Fahrphysik ? Das hat ja gar nichts mehr den vorherigen Teilen zu tun :/

suppenvater let,s shoot

gibts Multiplayee


alles was ich bisher an Videos über das spiel gesehen habe, bin ich schon sehr sehr enttäuscht. und das fahrverhalten der autos ist ja wohl ein Witz (z.b. bei 2:07 wo er die Handbremse zieht xD)

Roland Denzer

Ja, kann es kaum erwarten!!!

Mojo Mota

Also nach dem Video bin ich unsicherer denn je ,im Moment tendiere ich eher zum Stornieren.


Soviele Grafikfehler und KI Aussetzer.. Ich glaube, das Spiel wird dem Hype nicht gerecht und schnell wieder in der Versenkung verschwinden. An den grandiosen zweiten Teil wird es bestimmt nicht rankommen, leider.


ich denk er sagte schon, "erschießen wir die scheiße", weil rassismus war zu der zeit sehr present.

stezue wukki

Ich hoffe es wird noch ein wenig dran gearbeitet. Der Hauptchar "verschmilzt" nahezu mit seinen Gegnern beim Nahkampf und/oder glitcht mir nichts dir nichts hindurch....sehr unschön und muss 2016 nicht mehr sein. Dennoch freue ich mich sehr auf den dritten Teil. Mein Favorit war bisher der erste Teil mit der unvergesslichen Musik und dem verflixt schwierigen Autorennen xD Generell mal wieder ein TOP Beitrag vom guten Wolf :) Danke dafür.

Roay Morales

Ich finde Openworld generell bester als "schlauch" Levels, gutes Beispiel ist the Order 1847 oder so sehr viel schlauch Level dafür 60€ und für ein Openwolrd bekomme ich meistens für den gleichen Preis 3x soviel Beispiel Fallout 4 es kleiner als fallout 3 aber mit mehr liebe und Geschichten gefüllt wo F3 trotz seiner großen Openworld ist an vielen Stellen einfach zu leer (meine Meinung) . Das heißt nicht das Openworld spiele auch ihre Macken haben wie jedem OW-Spiel töte den XY danach töte


Danke für das Video und die Infos zu Mafia 3. Hoffe auf gute deutsche Synchronsprecher? Kannst Du mir sagen, wie die deutsche Sprachausgabe so rüber kommt?


Sorgt mal bitte dafür, dass die 3 Themes von Dishonored 2 auch im deutschen PSN zum download bereitgestellt werden. Die sind nämlich großartig und es gibt absolut keinen Grund dazu, die nicht auch im deutschen PSN zu haben.


Erster mein Twitter @the_gommwaffel instagram THENovusREX_DE

Warlord Gantas

Kann man bei euch eigentlich ein Praktikum machen. Ich hab mir irgendwie die ganze Zeit eure Videos geguckt als man sich um ein Platz umschauen sollte :)

Ne In

Hey Wolf, sieht aus wie eine Mischung aus Nathan Drake und Indiana Jones :D

Just a Rockstar

ja genau, willkürlich. Wenn man einen nicht deutschen Namen hat dann kann man so und so nicht gewinnen.


Bioshock Infinite (+ dlc´s) spielt auch vor den beiden anderen Teilen. ;)


Ein Schwein ist fein, so soll es sein

KaiN ShaDoWzZ

Kann mir jemand sagen wie man gewinnen kann ich kann das video nicht schauen da es zu lange ist und deshalb nicht laden kann -_-


was genau bringt den Gewinnern eines destiny pvp match, ein destiny Spiel? xD

Mojo Mota

Anne sieht aus wiene Mischung aus Bayonetta und Kevin Kline in Wild Wild West ^^


1:30:35 nettes Duell Trant :). War 'ne gute Runde.

Zerzockt 1

Na ihr

Mahony Rakete

HAMMER - ANNE! ... Wolf hat keine Ahnung ;-)

Qasim Shahzad

ich bitte ich


mega geiler stream!! :) habs leider verpasst aber ich gucks jetzt


* Semi-bunt * Nicht so bunt * Bunt * Racing

Mr Crap

Aber der rote Tod ist schlecht :p

Mr Crap

Aber für die meisten Punkte wäre eigentlich Kontrolle fairer gewesen, da gibt es keine extrapunkte pro Zone ^^

Tim Standke

seid dem Update funktioniert gta 5 nicht mehr kann mir jemand helfen


habt ihr noch ein key für for honor?

Mahony Rakete

morgenstern war schon immer eine kugel mit zacken an einer kette die am stock hängt


auf mich wirkt for honor nach einem euphorischen ersten Eindruck bei der Ankündigung mittlerweile leider ziemlich eintönig. wird's von euch noch etwas zu worms wmd geben? LG


Auch hier nochmal danke für die Collection, liebe Grüße!


Cool, Olivia Jones


51:05 leida nein, leida gaarnicht


1:19:10 einer dieser Momente, wo du dich fragst, wo du hier eigentlich gelandet bist xD


ANNE - Du wolltest wissen WOFÜR das eintätowierte Kürzel auf Booker's Hand steht: " *AD* " = *A*NNA *D*EWITT, Bookers Tochter!!! (Elizabeth) ^^


keep up the hard work bro :D



nešo734 -

Anne ist so unglaublich dumm...


"Jetzt wird ausgepackt Anne!" :D

Henry Dare

sie hat in for honor verdammt lang ein 3vs1 Kampf ausgehalten die meisten sterben innerhalb von Sekunden


Ännn!! Dat outfit! For Honor sieht großartig aus... Gefällt. Hab den Stream leider verpasst. Nächstes mal, bin ich mal wieder dabei. Ist immer großer Spass.

Christian Berlin

Stream leider verpasst - daher jetzt nachgeholt. Mal wieder eine sehr schöne Sendung! Vielen Dank & weiter so!

Lars Böhme

Wieder mal ne sehr schöne Sendung. Tolles Kostüm, toller Cowboyhut.

GameInfo TV

Mir gefällt die alte ps4 im design viel viel geiler , ich liebe die ecken von der alten ps4 und den leuchtstrahl


for honor erinnert stark an blade symphony. ..


Soll das Kostüm die eine aus Far Cry 4 darstellen ? Sieht fast so aus.


Der barca_bvb_91 ist auch jedesmal dabei wenn ihr mit der Community spielt ^^

Young Rios

hahaha..ps4the win


I could watch Dave playing VR games every day :D

Olijke Poffer

Was a great experience but the gfx is very bad. The incar view was more or less ok but the surrounding world, tracks buildings and other cars etc where not great at all. Very low res. Other vr games are ok but driveclub was disappointing in my eyes. To bad because I really love driveclub.

Ultimo D

PSN Community: PSVRcade

Steampunk Lemon


Phoenix Villarreal

we want to see the game not his body

Ali Aziz



MEGA sympathischer typ. kannte den garnicht muss ich gestehen. schade dass er nicht auf hamburgerisch vertont hat :D


This is the first game that's convinced me that I want PSVR. Just love the look of it.


Wolf? :D random

Gon “Kylo3k”

Can anybody recommend a good driving wheel for that works wonders on Ps4 (even Xbox1 if possible). the last driving wheel i owned was for playstation 1 so that was very very long ago!

Sal Porc

tell me we can got the vr version for the original game



Adrian Rose

Ist das Spiel PSVR exklusiv? Oder auch für Vive + Oculus Rift?


Input lag looking rough for the headset looking around in some spots.


Input lag is pretty for the looking around is rough in some spots. Hopefully they get that fixed up.


Holly loves Anal


You guys need to expect that the game won't have the best image quality (ie resolution and smooth edges) but it will still be good and probably the best VR driving experience you can get outside Project Cars with HTC Vive (which cost you at least double to set up).


A £14 game looks better than anything currently on VIve.


Never going to drive with Dave, that is for sure! :o had me clutching for the table. *brrr*


bel video! passa da me se vuoi!


Aww, I wish I could just give Rob a hug. :c


Racing games, Piloting games, or any game that demands you be seated is going to work best with VR just naturally, its not goofy and it just feels right to do, like I want a steering wheel for Driveclub VR and HOTAS for Ace Combat, I feel like those two games will be the only real reason to own VR on PS4.

UKRifter - Oculus Rift & HTC Vive VR Fun

Had this guy tried VR before. A lot of people have tried current VR and would be interested in a comparison with pcars on vive, rift or hdk2

Memphis Osiris

Even this guy seems bored to be talking about it.

Owen Ashley-Cole

would have been a great dlc


STILL a better racer than forza horizon 3

Mark Bennett

I would like to see him play without the expensive steering wheel and racing chair and just using a dualshock to give a fair assessment.


this looks incredible,.

Oliver G

Star Trek Online, ist richtig Rotze das Game

Fabian Spohrer

wow ,da ist was los

Maik Bam

Kann man sich die for honor Alpha im PlayStation Store herunterladen


hatt noch wer 10 Audiospuren gleichzeitig?


So what was Frank West doing in the '80s anyway?

Brad Kolar

any motion sickness from taking your hand off the wheel?


Is this a launch game or will it be another delayclub?


Like the Idea but not buying the same game again. would rather appreciate an update for 40€ or something like that. But no full price


Just an english comment passing by..


how about saying even one negative thing about anything? This is just publicity (well obviously but still...) They are not critical therefore those videos are pointless. Bioshock 2: "massely overrated" well no, it's just not as good as the first one, and a rehash of the first title. Bioshock infinite: "the first hour was amazing" I agree, and then it all started to become repetitive with mindless killings and the dumbest plot twist at the end (that's debattable of course but I didn't like i

Arnold “CrazIEGamer02” Rivers

incredible! can't wait.

Guy Finlayson

"Gonna be playing No Man's Sky" - good one Rob


Is this captured on ps4 pro?

Lorenzo b

Will the playstation plus driveclub work with VR?

Nina chan

Geil. danke fürs zeigen :D ich hoffe die schwarze spindel wird noch einsatzfähig sein.. oder hoch gestuft auf lv 40.. mal :S


How cool would it be to have titan fall in VR??? Titan fall 3 maybe?


That was amazing to watch, Great Job Dave!

Peckham Chanel

Errrrr what!


How would one even get one of these driving rigs


The cost of my dream VR setup keeps rising!

Marc Watts

This has me sold. Would like to get one now


with others making zombies trying to follow treyarch im sry but u will never be as a ggod as treyarch with storyline and eastereggs plz leave it to treyarch plz

Erwin vZ

so what's the hardware pricecard for this little fun VR experience?

Bill Smith

Battlezone'y to me


So is outside xbox the opposite of inside playstation?


It baffles me how well this guy drove this car. I've been playing Project Cars in VR for months and I still have trouble driving.




so i need the ps4 pro to run the ps vr without the extra little box correct?

Reza Kavoussi

could be a good game but it had no reason to me metal gear

Reza Kavoussi

I bought a ps4 pro just to play ff15

Lightning Returns

these videos make me more excited for the VR




Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is something I'm really looking forward to between now and Christmas. Skyrim, Dragon Ball, and Final Fantasy XV too.

Unstable Gaming

Are you only flying like 2ft off the ground?

LCoolz Gaming

Rob looks like his hair is being sucked from his head by his chin


final fantasy ! cant wait for both

Sticky Bro

Looking at rob is pissed as a MGS fan but still has to make videos about it because it is his job and this make me sad

Ali Mohhamed

ich warte krank auf das update


eh ,lame video


I'm not a huge racing fan.... but this sort of experience is what will make VR worth it, I think. This video may have convinced me to buy a PSVR.

Sir Gildo

You probably need to heighten the wheel sensitivity and I can only imagine how bad trying to handbrake would be, but this seems like a fantastic time, and I hope I can experience it eventually. I'm 1/3 of the way there. Now I only need the PSVR and a proper seat.

Jesus love you

and make it sounds like the quality was going to be bad


Hallo!! bin gerade verwirrt ist Rise of iron ein Kostenpflichtiges DLC oder der 2 Teil von Destiny ? und wie viel kostet das dlc wenn es eines ist

Pixi Pix

Wie schön :) mein Asbach ur ur uralt PC hat das MMO net wirklich gepackt und nun lädt es gerade auf der PS4 runter und in 41 Minuten geht's los *.*


Titian Fall 2 soon Ni-oh possible October ???

David ik

mafia 3 oder watch dogs 2 ???

Austin Morningstar

phenomenal, great time to be a gamer

The Razakk

Uhhhh cant wait till this comes out already got a PlaySeat Gran Turismo and Logitech G27 HOPEFULLY MY SIS PAYS FOR G29 SO THEN I CAN PLAY GRAN TUROSMO SPORT IN VR WHICH ILL HOPEFULLY GET FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!

Vladislav Kolev

Haven't seen graphics this bad since 2008, is this what console gamers settle for? :S My condolences.

Brady Ward

I've honestly been hating what I've seen from infinite warfare so far but this looks really fun (as long as the maps are good)

Chinky Bling-Eye

hey leute, vielleicht habe ich bei dem video nicht so ganz aufgepasst. haben die ein release date gesagt?

Picaso Black (Fuji)

Man....I hate being poor....

Tamika Watson

can you guys do Harley Quinn vs. Wonder Woman

Tamika Watson

and can you please put Starfire in the game

Tamika Watson

ha ha ha ha

Tamika Watson

she's crazier than I am

TheChubbyGamer 117

omg can't wait for bioshock and skyrim also excited for horizon zero dawn

Davey Kerry

I don't have enough time between now and christmas, furthermore I don't have enough time for my back catalogue along with all the upcoming games full stop

Rozniq Burg

AHAHAHA!! Change the speed of this video to 0.25, and you'll hear what Rob and Holly would sound like after a few too many pints. "Liiisten tooo meee yoou ggit, I'vve aalrready plaayed ffinal ffanttassy fifffteeeen! Bellievve itt orr beee a pllonkerr!!"

Eric W

I already have that wheel and a wheelstand pro so this is SO happening.

David Yurchi

This is too good to be true!


Titanfall 2 will sell more than its predecessor thanks to the PS4 and despite there being a free game on the store called Hawken which is just as good...

Joé Desbiens



my favorite upcoming games before christmas is mafia 3 fs17 and battlefield 1


the mirrors are not functional yet the guy lies and pretends they are

Ricky Smith

This excites the hell out of me. I can't wait to have this experience one day.


I like how they're talking all positive. But the tone and everything else says "I don't want to do this..." and speaking of the trailer, has it surpassed the new COD yet?

Master of the First Race of the Universe, The Ultimate Conqueror.

Thought this one was in German, interview is actually English.

monkey apple

if FIFA 17 is anything like FIFA 16 I will not even buy it, boring slow and the passing is a joke.... packs and special cards mean nothing anymore players like d.silva is worth 3000 and some bloke called Barry is worth more ? it doesn't make sense

clubpenguin tutorials

Why did you make the gameplay screen the smaller one. We are here for the gameplay.

Patrik Lohrey

wird das max level auch erhöt


Und ich dachte das Kapitel Guilty Spark wäre in Halo endlich erledigt gewesen...

Bruce Doyle

Es wäre viel geiler wenn sie eine art PlayStation Handschuh entwickeln würden, das sensorisch die finger bewegungen im spiel einfangen und nachahmen. (am besten kabelos)

Jack Conway

Who wants to play this game with me when it releases? PSN: JackC_24. And DM me on Twitter :D @jackc_24

Livoynju Edwards

I love Rob's Friday features.

Nick Real

Honestly, the only thing wrong with this game is the name. It would've been way better just to brand it as a different game entirely instead of trying to put it in the Metal Gear series.

Toby Tobsen

schön das ehrlich gesagt wurde das es kein Action Titel wird . sehr fair und gut aus One Mans Lie gelernt :)

Steven Laurin

so was that lag experienced with the headset like it was on the display? at one point it had a huge delay


Bioshock Infinite is awesome, but in my opinion the original is boring and overhyped. I understand that it's inventive and very nuanced but the twist just wasn't a big enough payoff. I know I'm in the minority in thinking this way however.

Nuno Silva

Where are: .......................Rise of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield 1, Mafia 3, Watch dogs 2, Gravity rush 2, PES 2017, Fifa 17, Titanfall 2, The Last Guardian, and probably Nioh appart from FFXV, Dishonored 2, Skyrim you already mentioned

Joseph Cully

7 amazing games? More like 0

Flin Corvent

I feel a sort of Phantom Pain haha

J Dawg

Wait, what's procedurally generated?

Tacer 72

ok access the big question of the day. can i play this with out either if us have a psn account or do basically two of us have to have separate ps4 n psn accounts

Zamy's Empire

Definitely getting this

Magister Ludi

WHERE IS BATTLEFIELD 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aloy Price

They ditched the multiplayer from the first game,for co op thats good.


Japp , ok, oooh, ok, ja nice! Gut, alles verstanden....... NICHT


Final Fantasy XV will have the best story of the decade. People are NOT ready for what this game will bring to the world.

Hunter Chapman

I kinda dislike Holly now that I know she loves Destiny


The game it includes the VR ? :V

Luke Burdon

Rob was later found drunk in his hotel room

Shamoy Rahman

If only I could catch the pre-orders :'( One more wave and I will definitely catch it. I need this ASAP.


Being behind Kojima is what we do, Boss. There's no room for Konami in our heaven.

Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy

SHE SAID POKÉMON! I was always looking forward to the moment where somebody at Access would drop the name of q franchise thats not on Playstation! I can finally die in peace!

Martin Moreno

Rob made the right chose with the sunglasses so we can´t see him roll his eyes at the nonsense that is MG survive

AJ Singh

Watch Dogs 2? Rise of Tomb Raider? Come on guys !

Jawa Hq

rob is married!!!

Rene Rinner

After this was announced once again I thought: #fuckkonami

Joe Naberhaus (jlaalja)

Inversion of the y-axis is the way to go! It's a pilots control and us "old guys" use it that way...I guess that makes Nathan old.... ;)

drew gardner

I won't tease Hollie about looking forward to Final Fantasy, but It's funny how she calls it "Fi-Fantasy". Clearly a name she says so often that she drops the "nal" to save time.. I'll only get Skyrim on PS4 if I can import my PS3 save-games...



Shadow Tidmore


Shadow Tidmore


Shadow Tidmore



Do you need psn 

Tino pavlović

Watch_Dogs 2 is number one for me

deon williams

I would prefer this game if they did not connect it to metal gear and just made it a zombie game using the fox engine. Konami could have been saved if they did not put this and metal gear together they would have got more likes then dislikes.

kyle Castaneda

Well they made it to the 80s what is the next location in the 60s lol


welp, that's Rob's childhood out the window..

Rayze Gaming

these characters are extremely generic,hopefully they're actually custom created characters

Malinus Zmar

Dishonored without killing is boring? Meh... She knows nothing... :D


Was für ein schönes Video 2 tolle Kanäle in einem Video

Khaled Hayal

Rob how come your forehead grow 10× larger you broke science...damn you

ami mui

is this will need ps camera?


what wheel is used?

Josh Hansen

Poor Nathan. He never gets a break, does he? As if One-On-Onesie wasn't enough, now you have to go and make him look like a buffoon in a non-competitive games.

Joshua Wilson

Rob, Audible the witcher novels. Adds so much to playing through the story of wild hunt!


Those people(enemies) watched trailer of MGS 3 remaster for Pachinko Yes. They contracted something terrible


When someone's must play list includes two remasters, a remake, and Bethesda's newest half-assed attempt at ripping off Valve to cash in on Valve not listening to us, as opposed to showcasing the hot *new* titles, or the non-AAA mustplays... Their opinion quickly becomes something that I must do the opposite of. Wait... That's always been why I watch this channel. To see what Rob thinks, so I can do the opposite.

Aaron Windfeldt

It might suck, but I'm still going to play it.

Uni Ted

Hab das in der Ubisoft Lounge zocken können und zwar im 4 vs. 4. Das war der absolute Oberhammer mit Abstand das Spiel der Messe obwohl den Multiplayer wohl nur die wenigsten anzocken konnten :D

Adam Reeves

Driveclub Bikes VR???????

Ummet SPACEdingd0nggg

Or just get the kickass Xbox One S and play 7/8 of the games on the PA list:0

Monika Alexander

you should replace one on onesie with some co-op sessions

Vedant Goel

pls!!!!! Not final fantasy!!!! Those 2 words, that's when it hits the most to me, "damn, I wish I had a ps4" :'( Well, maybe next year :P


Mafia 3!!!


Also kommt das Spiel am 13.Oktober? Dachte immer es kommt etwas später.


Now all we need is Colin Mcrae Rally 2 remake on PS4.


What about Watch Dogs 2?


This looked AMAZING and intense

Noah Cortez

this game is the equivalent of Konami digging up the corps of Metal Gear and dragging it in the mud... why? just leave it alone.

Alexandra Diaz

I think that the ruined mother base will be like the dark zone

Richard Hargreaves

that looks awesome!

David Williams

I should have just ignored this video but dammit, curiosity got to me!

David Williams

Dislike. I don't even want to touch this, let alone see anything of this games development progress. If this game makes big bank on its release, I'll be knocked back BIG TIME!! Major fail inbound!

Pony Fox

Dave wasn't bothered by the screendoor effect then? That must be one heck of an immersive title then. That was a good watch and top driving Dave! :D


This was really hard to watch. The girl had no idea what was going on and seemed like she was only pretending to care. It just made this whole thing awkward.

Jamie Doherty

Dave looks as uncomfortable as I am in blaring heat. I know the feeling, man! Stay strong!


Don't like any of those games. Won't notice them on release. Meh


Lol awwww look at you just getting your hands on rise of the tomb raider :P i wondered why you were playing this and then i remembered playstation got it ages after us xboxers hahaha

Hesham Moawad

do i need to use tv while using vr? "supposed that i bought ps4, vr and racing wheel"

giorgi oselodkin

This's SICK ... Where can i buy one?

HUNK Alpha team



Does it have splitscreen?


so what does this mean for mgs6?

gavin westcott

destiny sucks lol it really isn't a good shooter it was just a big money maker

Andyson 711

what age rating will this game be

Monika Alexander

is that a hatchet man necklace, Hollie?

Harry Harris

Ill wait 6 months when it drops in price.

Kommentar Roboter

Deeeeescriiiiibe Daeeeve !!!


Der ist unfassbar sympathisch !

Adam Butler

imagine that Anne Robinson as a baddy in a game


Holy shit Stardust in VR ? I need a PSVR now

dr_ chaosCZE

game gut, texturen not gut, aber klein angela merkel, griss got bulbasaur...

Tom Caudo

What steering wheel is he using?

mike george

1:15 " I can look in the mirrors and the reflection moves" Cough cough. "Just drive Dave" What a cheese ball. The only mirrors that move in VR racing is i think in the most advanced racing simulator. iRacing


Hollie basically said all the games I want, Hollie= bae


Can't wait to finally play this on PS4!

tamer qtaish

Looks like a cash grab! If the game can stand by its self why not name it something else and not try to cash on Metalgear?


What steering wheels will it support?

PurE DemOn

*smash cut to Rob crying on the metal gear tally board.*


Nobody hasn't even played the game and they're bitching about it. "Gamers" really are rather dumb bunch.


Left for Metal Gear 6


Looking forward to the Skyrim Special edition and Bioshock Infinite is my all time favorite game.

Jake Bolt

Next time you talk to CD can you tell them to pull their finger out and reboot Legacy Of Kain, thanks in advance ;)

Sean Michael Smith

Lovely to see you again Hollie!

Gobi Subramaniam

Look like I will have tonnes of games to choose from when I buy my PS4 (waiting for FF7 remake for that). I still have couple of games in PS3 which I have not touched yet - including Dragon Age Inquisition.


If this is a covert piece of marketing, it's genius.


Can't wait to get my hands.....I mean my "head" on that !!!


Sonic doesn't even go that fast in other adventure worlds! Come on devs you can do better than that!

Hossam Khalil

you guys have every gamer's dream job :) you aren't currently hiring, by any chance...are you?! :D great video...keep'em coming. :)

John Hoover

Keep up the good work gents!

Chester Furlock

World of Final Fantasy looks kind of stupid, kind of like I'd love it. I'm excited for the re release of Skyrim more than anything else. I've been playing a lot of morrowind lately. I had dragged my crtv out of the game room and into the living room so that I could game while my gal pal watched her programs on the big tv. I still feel that, without mods, Morrowind is the best. Hopefully PlayStation and Bethesda get things working for mods by the time Skyrim rereleases.


Rob seems crushed....."you feel it too don't you, the franchise I've lost, the PSN friends I've lost...won't stop hurting"

MLG Scoopy

1. Don't buy it 2. Don't buy it 3. Don't buy it 4. Don't buy it 5. Don't buy it Saved you 6 minutes


I feel sorry for you rob.... I know you love this series... Don't worry.... Maybe Metal Gear will Survive this one..

ami mui

want it badly, but it will drain my wallet

Knight Solaire

holly looks like maxmoefoe


This must be the hardest video Rob has ever had to make, we feel your pain. :(


Thanks for the video, you adorable people you! <3

King Boss

ich habe auch alles verstanden

nabs khuweis

which steering wheel is he using? can anyone reccomend a.decent oriced steering wheel


I couldn't finish watching this, this is so bad. Poor Rob. The dislikes aren't because of you guys! It's the game, not you. ^_^


Hab es auf der gamescom anspielen können und war mega begeistert. War auch meine erste VR Erfahrung. War lediglich "geschockt" dass ich auch durch mehrmaliges verstellen der Brille die Schrift wirklich kaum bis garnicht lesbar scharf stellen konnte. Das sieht man sogar auch hier im Video (drücke r2....). Die generelle Grafik war echt toll, lediglich die Schrift konnte ich gerade noch so entziffern. Muss nicht gestochen scharf sein, gibt ja eh Abstriche bei der Auflösung, aber gerade Schrif

CrimsonFox “redJack” Hound

I can make a video of this and helldivers

Knight Solaire

Poor Rob is trying so hard to say some good things and be positive. Like Jim Sterling said about Metal Gear Survive "We laugh because it's better than crying".

Parsa Kafshchi

he is in love with her.

the one Manfra

...and every base in the game has a pachinko machine.

Robert Grounds

battlefield 1

Jamie Crichton

Shame they couldn't get their hands on GT7

Kay Modikai

After No Mans Sky, I just dont know if I can trust FFXV

oliver vella

is it 1st person or 3rd?


Heed my words console gamers. I know PC gamers seem like complete dicks most of the time, but in fact most of us enjoy what the consoles have to offer and take great interest in the exclusives they bring. It's just a select few that get pissed off when they see consoles doing so well. So they come to videos like these to try there best to anger console gamers because it helps calm them down. So whenever you see a "PC master race" comment or a "Lol at these graphics" comment, pat them on th

Dart CPP

So much hype. Can't wait for this amazing game.

Sam Goodwin

Does anyone know which Thrustmaster steering wheel they're using here ?

Papa Panzer


Mario Flores

This is just sad, I feel bad for them because they can't be angry or sad on screen, they have to pretend they are excited for the game because they have to. I thought they were going to do an objective video like the OutsideXbox guys did, they talk about the fans not being happy about the game.

sadampfa LP

is this the normal ps4 or is it already the ps4 k neo? im a bit afraid that i have to buy the new ps4 to be able to play with vr

Jay Bain

This game could have been so much more if instead of this blullshit wormhole thing you instead played as either kaz or one of the mother awe soldiers you pick up in mgs5

OverDrive VII

what's with that redhead chick?? FIRE HER!


The zombie mode in VR also ?

Chirag Narsaria

u can actually see the disappointment through their voice

Yunior Gamboa

Freaking cool


Ihr seit die besten. wie wär's wenn ihr eine VR verlost.

Sky Guy

Rob is the best from the access

Morimitsu Yamauchi

I can't wait! Bring it on Sony!

David Devas (Halberdius)

still love you both though. we'll make it through this storm together

David Devas (Halberdius)

you know it's garbage


I can't look at this guy. He have some problems with closing mouth or what ?



Tiago Silva

He's as closest as we can get to touch David Vonderhaar... (Call of Duty players will understand this)

Khofax (Khofax)

Skyrim and BioShock shouldn't be on this list bcz there are just making a package for it games like BF1 and TitanFall should replace them on the list (not sure for TF it just what came to mind being an FPS shooters gamer mostly)

Nathanael John Manalo

Kojima and gamers were perfectly represented by Snake and Kaz as they escaped the burning wreck... that is Konami

☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

I think I'm sold... It'll be the first time I buy a COD game since Black Ops 1.

Fernando Ivanovitis

Ou deu um atraso ali no video ou é falso!

Alexandru Crimson

No matter what will be released any other MGS game will be better then the unfinished TPP.


Spoiler Alert - it's garbage.

Steve Stewart

Can we please, please , please have more videos of this!!! Dave's genuine excitement in this video has me looking forward to VR even more than i thought possible!! Especially the bit where he lifts his hand and it throws him. That's when the real sense of immersion is given across. Well that and the very start of the race. Oh man alive! I want to have a go of this so freaking bad.


As if XV will be out b4 xmas...

Lyle Mitchell

Its DAVE!!! I knew it! Finally, the question as to who played Robs mom has been keeping me awake at night!

Bas Groeneveld

I would like to add Nioh to this list, so I'd know it'd come out before Christmas...


and some people might remember the original game Stardust on the Amiga

Satiar Riahipour

Titanfall 2 the next game titanstand

Chris Stewart

That moment where you both do the throat exploding thing is beautiful.


Beep Ba Boop spaceship


Congrats on becoming a dad.

Marble Ramen

I played the tech test on PS4 and I loved it.


Remastered Bioshock or Skyrim?


mmm "Final Hairstyle and Fashion show 15" zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


i hope it will be compatible with clasic driveclub so i can play with my friends


Hollie is REALLY cute!❤️


no mp content yet shown,very concerning.Titanfall 2 will destroy this rubbish.

Allan Victorien

it must be painful to perform a review about it RIP metal gear. #KonamiwillfallwhileKojimaRises


I hope the sync between moving your head and the game visual is better than what we just say. Hoping that's just the flaw of the splitter box.

Brian Retus

inverted player for life, keep it alive nathan

Grayson Metzbower

gave it a like because rob didnt break down in tears and fury like i expected. way to hold it together buddy.

The Last Jedi

RIP Hideo Kojima

brad cyrus

im surprised you guys didnt say anything about the last guardian

JerryDaGamer452 YT

guys is titanfall 2 for ps3 i have a ps3, ps4, wii,and wiiu

Storm Jones

Brits make everything more entertaining


#Robkitchen RIP we will never see that video again..... after gamecom =_=

sean green

What I love about this is it wasn't really scripted. Just 13 mins of Rob and Holly nerding out like little kids

Charlie Griffey (Chas1998)

What's with your final fantasy obsession ?

ilidan 97

Where is deus ex mankind divided


clueless ...have you never see any titanfall videos before? if no then your are ...

Junior Campbell

Rob is just sitting there trying his best to look interested. PES is the better game.

Bradarious Spar

After watching this I now have an urge to watch Pacific Rim

Shawn M.

They still trying to push Drive Club!? lmao

Ransom Clarke

You can see Rob's grip on the microphone getting tighter throughout the video. Poor guy. He's trying so hard to be the objective journalist in this video but you can tell he wants to choke somebody.


K-pop boy band jokes pls


bless em they tried

Johel Pereira

Your list sucks

Mr. Herbi

Simracing in VR is so awesome. But you cant explain how good it is. You have to feel it and wear a HMD by yourself. This is like explaining a Virgin sex. I have near the same Rig like in the Video and a HTC Vive. Playing Assetto Corsa all day long :P I love it. This brings Gaming to the Next Level. What did i say.. 10 Level up!

Cameron Davis

The anime shorts for FF15 are pretty awesome

Wolf Of Redwall

Number 6. It's a cash grab.


7 most blatantly evil corporations in games. off the top of my head I can think of Shinra (ff7), the UAC (DOOM), the Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil)...


You can hear and feel the incredible disgust in robs voice about having to talk about Survive


Info für's Inside_Playstation Team: ANNEEEEEEE: NIOH DEMO IST DAAAAAAA!!! ^^ (wie'n-15- jähriges-Teenie-kreisch!!!) -->gruss, SUB-Z. ^_^

Creeper guy44

Remember when CoD was better than titanfall? Pepperidge farm remembers.


All he had to do is to drive the damn car!


This looks amazing!


Looks pretty cool, even though I disliked the boostjumps and the other nonsense in CoDAW. However, I've just about reached Novigrad in the Witcher 3 and also recently left my first planet in No Mans Sky...So I'll probably be bizzie well into the next year

Boogie Man

Last Guardian?

Mog D

They missed Nioh .....


I honestly thought you guys were carrying around a pair of awesomely glowing lightsabers in your back pockets XD

Erwin Koenraads

what music from epidemicsound are you playing? its awesome


Played it at Gamescom : Amazing !


they look like they r in love , :) get a room u 2


What headphones are those?


Wer bitte hat Anne so schrecklich geschminkt? Rechtes Auge sieht viel dunkler aus als das linke und geht als blaues Auge durch


hey rob first of all, nice video of you two. i discovered psa only recently but i kind of binged on most of the content and i was excited to learn that you've been to gamescom and i checked your twitter but i've seen noannouncement of you being here and there, have you been up for a fan meet? i wish i could've met you and give you a nice warm brotherly hug. maybe next year's a chance? i'm german and been to gamescom for the last 6 years and will continue doing so, in hopes of seeing my fav

Josh Speed

Having a girl gaming commentator is like having a Nigerian in Olympic swimming, so obviously token it hurts.

Caustic Cyber

are you guys going to do some of these games as a playthrough?


Rob's reaction to Nathan inverting the controls though...


Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher das die Hälfte gelogen ist z. B die alten resident evil Rätsel und das des Spiel mehr zu bieten hat als die gezeigten Demos ich denke das wird nur ein 5-12stunden Spiel und kaum Horror mit drinen..

Reinhard Ecker

Final Fantasy 15:Emo Simulator

Reinhard Ecker

driveclub a underrated masterpiece but since most people simple couldn't drive the cars properly because theyr skill level is so low just project cars made more fun so far because project cars is a proper sim not that wannabe realism you get in forza and GT

Reinhard Ecker

Driveclub is a underrated masterpiece just sad that people with no skill kept crashing into everything because they are used to the wannabe realism from forza and gran turismo its my favourite racing game with project cars on the PS4


too bad the main game will be generic, but thebzombies looks actually pretty good

mr salatas

sorry but i never like final fantasy games i don't know something feel right for me


It's just more titanfall 1. Why are they so surprised

J Jonker

So is this on a PS4 vanilla or a PS4 Neo?


Why interdimensional travel? Why not just have some of the Mother Base mercs die and go to hell and we fight our way out, Dante's Inferno style!


So Konami fired one of the most visionary game creators and destroyed his final game in the process, then sold that game to the fans that had waited years for it, because they were worried about a one-time expenditure that they wanted to make profitable. In doing so they flipped the bird to all their loyal fans. They said that they are a business and that's just how they have to operate. But now they are attempting to release a half-baked idea for a game to those same previously loyal fans

Kaiser Yuuki


As honest as they come as the law itself Suave

I want it now


It's weird but even though final fantasy and mgs get mentioned all the time i still cannot get any motivation to play any of them, tried phantom pain and gound zeroes but didn't interest me :( Sorry Rob - Rob for the win

Adam Smith

Nice to see Dave moving his head around again with a bit of gameplay in the corner ^_^


This looks really cool!

The Boss

where is robs glasses

Jon Nicotre

Long time watcher, but literally just guys are awesome! guys hit three for four with me those three being: rise of iron, skyrim, and dishonored 2...the one I think guys missed on is Batman return to arkham


Ich konnte mir eig gar kein Video zu der Gamescom ansehen weil meine Abobox immer so überfüllt von Videos war. Muss auf jeden Fall einiges nachholen

Völlig losgelöst

am meisten Interessiert mich die Story ein 12 jähriger Junge mit Dinos geil

Olivio Sarikas

Is Driveclub VR an update or a standalone game?

Ereb Ágilus

Ich habe meine Nase an die Scheibe gedrückt, während dieses Video entstand. Endlich höre ich mal den Ton dazu :D

Völlig losgelöst

hattet ihr PSVR wieder auf dem Kopf? gibts da iwas neues? neues Games neues Infos zum release? grüsse


Wolf du sexy cripple X) es ist einfach ein musst das du fur uns von Detroit: Become Human ein knallhart durchnehmen auf deinen Saz Cripple Youtube channel hochladetst!


Ich kann beim BESTEM WILLEN nicht verstehen, warum sich eines der *BESTEN SURVIVAL/HORROR GAMES SERIEN* der Welt, sich so "verkauft" und VERRATEN hatt >.< Resident Evil stand mal für die KÖNIGSKLASSE... und heute??? Wirds mehr und mehr ein billiger Abklatsch und eine Homage an sich selbst :( seit SHINJI MIKAMI damals das Team (begründet) verlassen hatt, verirrt sich die Serie mehr und mehr in Schwachsinn!!! Die Fan's wünschen sich SEIT JAHREN ein bodenständiges *BACK-TO-THE-ROOTS* Resident


4:42 auf 0.5 speed XD

Ryan Comfort

i doubt that the bioshock 2 in this collection would include the multiplayer which is a shame cos i really liked the multiplayer


Oh gaaawd. Deus Ex, FF15, Last Guardian, BF1, BioShock Collection, hopefully Ezio Collection, maybe Mass Effect Collection? New Overwatch stuff etc etc.


The surface area of the map would be 935,307 square feet. o put that in perspective, that's the same surface area as 16.24 American Football Fields. If the surface area were represented in a square, from end to end it would be 967.11 feet. Or the length of 2.69 American Football Fields.


U can tell they secretly hate it, but are being paid to like it.

Lord Diar

Bei mir steht ab 18.9.16 Download

max jak

Challenges !! Looks there's a trophy for it

Gareth King

This isn't the first time MGS has had co-op... seems everyone forgets poor Peace Walker


Ihr habt's jetzt selbst mehrfach erwähnt, aber auch ich bin wirklich überrascht und freue mich über den neuen Trend, dass man in first person Spielen einen virtuellen Körper hat!


I played the multiplayer tech test over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I'm seeing numerous comments comparing this to Call of Duty. While there are similarities, I enjoyed Titanfall 2 much more than CoD. The Titans add a healthy new gameplay dimension and the maneuverability of the pilots on the map is really smooth. They only showed the Ion titan but Scorch was available too. Each Titan has unique fighting styles that change the way you play. Overall I was very impressed with the tech

Peter Taylor

Point 6: Hideo Kojima just absolutely is crapping on this game: Rob, what do you think about this, actually?


Endlich mal auf Deutsch!


FFXV (If it did comes out before Christmas) and Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet

James Cannon

PlayStation access do u even like this idea that they put out

James Cannon

ok imma try this game but wtf dude zombies really

Dakota Taylor

after this video rob went home and cried on the mgs tally board.

Uschi rockthart

gibt doch Untertitel..macht sie einfach an.. meine Güte


Leute macht mal die kommentare an statt hier die leute zu beleidigen. das unten rechts am bilddchirm unter einstellungen. dann habt ihr es auch auf deutsch.

Sunny Schramm

die sollen endlich mal das "echte" gameplay zeigen und nicht immer die pt-scheiße kopieren!

Okan K

Ich sag mal so wie es ist. Dieses Spiel wäre ein gutes, wenn es nicht den Namen Resident evil Tragen würde. So wird es hinter seinen Erwartungen bleiben. Ist nur meine Meinung :)


Leute, seid ihr blöd? Englisch würd ich ja noch verstehen, aber was soll denn das bitte?


3:02 er sagt wie sein tag war und was er gegessen hat P.S Übersetzung wäre nice gewesen ;)


"Okay fine, f'sure, f'sure, she's a valley girl, so sweet and pure" "It's like BARF ME OUT... Gag me with a spoon!" Frank Zappa immediately came to mind.

Purple Alpha

seit wann ist tekken was kleines

Desert Eagles

Ich frage mich immer wieder, was Outlast mit der Resident Evil Reihe, zu tun hat


Irgendwie nervt dieses Nyan Nyan gequatsche, red englisch oder stell dafür englischsprachige Menschen ein


Eure Eindrücke zu VR kann ich, was Immersion angeht, total teilen. Das hat mich echt umgehauen und ich hab es mir nicht so krass vorgestellt. Auch wenn's technisch noch in den Kinderschuhen steckt, packt es mich irgendwie. Bioshock will ich eh seit Ewigkeiten nochmal die drei Teile zocken und die Collection kommt mir gerade recht. Die Reihe gehört zu meinen Lieblingsspieleserien aller Zeiten. Auf Mafia 3 bin ich auch mehr gespannt denn je. Was man so an der Gamescom gesehen hat, war schon

Tiggz .TV



No gran turismo motorsport??

SCW Walker

Ich kann kein Japanisch was bringt dieses Video ?!


Does this have splitscreen by any chance?

Jack Slash

I guarantee you, it will be nowhere near as good as they're making out. It never is. There will be those noobs online that use that 360 shielding to the worst effect to make you quit, there's no way each team will be as varied as they're making out, because that would require a lot of work, and we all know EA don't work hard on FIFA. It will be about pace and strength as usual. As for FUT, it will only ever be in the benefit EA because that's their cash cow. They milk that mode until it's


best team right here. Rob is funny and Hollie is hot. Couldn't ask for anything more

Jastin lolpil

this is better than cod ghost

Ali the hunter

Screw you, why the Internet so bad I couldn't update any game a week ago every time I download tell me that bad data or under load hangin'! why can't we watch such errors in the Xbox 1

Antonio Wakardo

Project cars will it also support VR on PS4? and what about Dirt Rally?


I'm sure Rob is wearing the sunglasses so we can't see him cry in agony over konami raping the metal gear franchse... i feel u bro :(

Stewart Bailey

No love for Last Guardian?


wieviel kostet die vr dann ? war doch mind. soviel wie ne komplette ps4 konsole oder ? und was die spiele dann dafür kosten will ich garnicht wissen die normalen schlagen ja mit 60-70 euro schon zu buche da bin ich froh pc zu haben da sind die spiele meist 10-20 euro günstiger und am pc kann man mehr machen , modding etc also wenn die vr spiele dann 80-90 euro oder so kosten dann kann das ganze gleich links an mir vorbeiziehn ^^


can i get ps vr for my normal PS4 instead of PS4 neo?

Doruk Evcim

My top 7 would be 7) Final Fantasy XV 6) The Last Guardian 5) Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 4) Dishonored 2 3) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 2) Mafia 3 1) South Park: The Fractured But Whole I have played the BioShock series and the first one is easily on my top 3 favorite games ever rivaled only by The Last of Us and Metal Gear Solid 3 and I am looking forward to replaying it but since I have already played all of them it didn't make the list.


Great video, I really enjoyed it!

Völlig losgelöst

Die ganzen Interviews kann ich derzeit nicht mehr ernstnehmen :( was ist nur los? Ich glaube die NoManSky Lüge hat mich verändert

Völlig losgelöst

Ubisoft .. der Michael Bay der Videospiel branche leider machen die immer das gleiche ohne Wolf würd ich mir so ein Interview nie geben

y effi -

Bei 3:33 ist eine geheime Botschaft versteckt.

David Malik

TITANFALL 2 wird geil

Dark Side Of The Moon 76

Seid ihr tatsächlich nicht fähig, ein Interview...ob mit Untertiteln oder Verbal...für EURE hauptsächliche Zuschauerschaft...welche wohl eher deutsch eben jene Sprache zu übersetzen? Es ist ja nicht unbedingt jeder dem Businessenglisch mächtig. Jämmerliche Leistung!

234 Mathar


Stop playing like a dumbass and listen to Hollie -___-

Fredrik Room

input lag?

Philipp Uschmann

Was ist denn jetzt das maximale licht... in den videos oder manchen streams sieht man 360 oder sogar 380.


Most immersive VR racer yet, in both visual and gameplay, and to this day, there are still PeeC virgins spent $8000 every 6 month + a whooping $600/$800 to buy absolute inferior VR experience on their paper weight. Human idiocy never fail to amaze me. -> "On the face of it, a racing game on PlayStation VR shouldn't stand a chance against a high-powered PC coupled with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but after playing DriveClub VR at Gamescom this week, our viewpoint has shifted. Simply put - this

GaMeFrEaK 92

I don't like the battle system in final fantasy, It's unrealistic

Cameron Norris

Anyone else notice the lack of a friday feature last week?


Rob don't want to ruin that for You but your kid will start to sleep less, ruining more, faster that you can finish Skyrim again :P

Josh Fox

World of Final Fantasy.... what's the deal with the chibi/not-chibi thing? Is that a gameplay mechanic?

Commander Sheperd

I like the Metal gear games but metal gear survival isnt a Metal gear game

Commander Sheperd

No mans buy

Jason Lee

At least they did not say infante warfare

Meme Iselfaneye

How exactly do the Final Fantasy's fare storywise for a relative new comer? Not a fan of turn based RPG's, so I checked out on FF ages ago, but these are looking more action RPGs, is that the case? And if so, which FF did they switch from turn based?


So I should buy a Thrustmaster steering wheel if I buy this game for my VR???


Are they releasing it full price?


The game still sucked, took it back week after. Enjoyed horizon 2 Way more

Graham Craggs

rob is wearing shades to hide his bloodshot teary eyes...

Kalle K.

guter Interviewpartner von Crytec


I cant preorder the fkng PS vr.


such an uncomfortable video to watch, oh God.

Lei Tlholwe

Do i really need another game ill spend 300hrs on ? Rob: yahh lolol


I'm surprised Gravity Rush 2 isn't on here.

Don Dailey

First metal gear I don't care about.

NBA IS Rigged

Final fantasy 15? Ooooooooohhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwwddd

Dulitha Dabare

You can really feel Holly and Rob's excitement and nostalgia about the BioShock series. Good job guys!


on a PS4? is this running in 800x600 at 15fps?

Jinjo Ghost

I'm from the future. FFXV was delayed to 2017. If the timeline changes then history will be altered forever.

Dwayne Williams

a shame they put you thru this you could tell they aren't feeling it at all


Is this the future shooter? No. Try wwr ( WR now) on Android or ios. This has better graphics, but is it a better mech game? No. Back to Gundam style. If you know what I mean, ignore this and play in 3rd person WR. I'll buy this in a sale at some point because it has giant robots. It's got too much run around and see our content bullshit. Just have mechs. Not the other stuff.

Mobile Gaming

al i saw was...... 2 noobs playing!!!

The Frozen Elf

I love The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and let me just say Til Bo Dii Las.Naal Dovahkiins

Jose Rodriguez

Just downloaded the PlayStation Access wallpaper on my PS4 here in the US. It's so great!

Ahmed Bahgat

This looks so generic, I thought it was blops 3 gameplay

Wolf xxx ninja Phillips

this game isn't that good well the multiplayer isn't I prefer titanfall 1 for multiplayer only looking forward to the campaign for titanfall 2

Brad Simpson

I had no idea that Rob was new to fatherhood. I was a little disappointed not to see a proper Friday Feature today, but this was almost as good, and that's something I didn't know. Congrats, Rob. Welcome to the big adventure!


poor rob lol


look exactly like battlezone


is he really scared? Bc he seems really really scared.


I would buy VR JUST for this.


Looks amazing but u need to do it with Assetto Corsa :P

Mr. Playstation

Die Axt ist also doch eine Waffe ich hab aber gedacht das das bloß ein Relikt sei


No word on Styx: Shards of Darkness?

Piezonuclear Luna

Way to play nice guys

Carlos Cruz

I used and played!!! #PlayStationVR and I can tell you what you see on the TV screen and what you see in the headset are totally different TV looks ok headset looks terrible poor visuals a little blurry and you can see all the pixels!! I would say this though you should experience it for yourself I just don't think this headset is worth the money in my own opinion...

Paddy Cope

what about upcoming original games (i.e. not sequels/prequels) like wild or horizon zero dawn and give any details you can find


This is what I am most excited about for VR. Driving games are going to become more realistic and also without having to mount 3 TVs on a motion platform they may become more readily available and more viable in your house. Man the next few years for people who like cars but can't afford them are going to be awesome lol

chris Clark

Who else thinks it's strange that they're not showing any footage from the main campaign? This co-op looks like b-roll footage compared to the main game. I really hope they're not hiding disappointing visuals. Maybe it looks worse than the Xbox version?

Nathan Taylor

what about kingdom hearts 2.8?

Paul Stein

Die Main-Story unterstützt also kein VR, sondern lediglich der DLC ?

James Nixon

After playing it. Id say this is the fastest shooter, with the least skill needed to play possible. There is literally zero reaction time for the majority of situations. Running away is hard and aiming can feel kind of off in my opinion. Some bits just don't feel quite right. However, titan gameplay really saves the game from being a mediocre call of duty esc clone. I actually already have the game on digital pre order as i loved the first one. This one has definitely lost some of what m

Shovel grump

Am i the only one who thinks holly looks like Hayley williams from the riot era. Lol

Jay Roc

Is there a story line where I can play offline?


Is Dave the resident VR person?

karlheinzpeter klausmatzeulf

*only shooter on ps4^^


Funny. No one believes me, but I also get WAY more gaming time since having my daughter (she just turned 2).

Zachary Kennedy

can't wait for BIOSHOCK

Old Machines & Such

You left off The Last Guardian to pretend that Destiny is still a thing anybody cares about.

Trollz Gamer


I Was Right Once

I've got to say, I just played it, I enjoyed it... I had no idea wtf was going on, but I must've done well because I finished top of the leaderboard. That said, what strikes me most about it is... It feels more like Call of Duty than Black Ops 3, which is strange to say, I can't quite put my finger on it. It's like... If CoD had double jumps and wall-running 5-6 years ago, this is EXACTLY how it would've been, minus the killstreaks and titans. It's very strange. I'll definitely play some m

Andy Montanez

The beta sold me on this game. But, I'm waiting for the infinite warfare beta to see if I get that instead. Bf1 is an instant buy


Bad editing, out of sync!!!!!!!!


This is a fantastic game can't wait for it.


I'm glad Rob doesn't have any more hair left or else he would be tearing it out right now


Hollie: Do we need another 300 hour game? Rob: Yep. Love it, and agree ^^

Luke Harwood

Rob's t-shirt is excellent. Bravo.

Azaria Wora

No Mafia 3 ??? Boy you tripping.

Richard Gredwulf-Cronley

Faster does not equal better. I miss Halo in the slower days... Gears, Last of Us Factions, Uncharted.... Thats the good stuff right there. Battlefield is about as fast as I like.

Deepinder Khosa

No Mans Sky VR


Rise of the tomb raider on PS4. Never bought a last year because I want to play it on PS4.

connor Dean

I bet Rob was not happy when the trailer came out.


I knew textures would take a hit, but damn, this is just terrible, plus the speed has gone, no doubt due to the nature of the lag that you can quite see at times in this video when they game loses the head movement. And thirdly we have lost have cars, i count 6 here on the track compared to the normal 12. But if people are going to pay £400 for this then who am i to tell them overwise, i will pick the whole lot up from CEX second hand for £80 once the novelty has worn off. lol

Mohamed Wael



Das ist ein echt cooler typ der denn Titan spricht und der tätowierte der denn einen storm trooper im Star Wars Battlefront gesprochen hat ist auch ein cooler bursche ;D


reinstalling now!

DxG ToxjQ

Fast?? TF1 is way faster.. they slowed the game down for all the Cod kiddies who can only aim while standing still on a headglitch.

Michael Wiswell

are any vr graphics as good as current next gen or do they all downgrade to be virtual 3d?


Have never heard of Tintanfall 2! Looks great!

Tony C

oh wow cool a resident evil game based of the movies......wait WHAT?! I'm pretty sure it's called survive because they don't know if metal gear can survive. They should put metal gear to rest like a good dog that now has rabies.

Edward perez

Was anyone else waiting for KH 2.8 in hopes of getting some sort of release date news...

Taylor D

lol enjoy your "fastest shooter" on PS at 900p I'll enjoy Titanfall 2 at 4K on xbox



Godkiller 4

Maybe if you have a Xbox you would already know this

eito teffano

I got a collateral quick scope yesterday on boomtown. I was so happy lol.(and freaking out)

Enzo M87

I would probably throw up after 30 seconds.


rest in peace vive, Oculus rift, I felt sorry for PeeC virgin who spent $8000 for inferiority

Art Sin

Now all of a sudden Console fans Like VR ROFL!!

Trini Chinese

the game and maps feel empty hope this improves at launch.


Rob has to wear sunglasses to shield his emotions


Titanfall 2 still does not feel as fast and as fluid as the original game and there are a lot of aspects that need to be improved to make this game a true succesful sequel.


Anne sieht wirklich hübsch aus :O


like !!!

Kirito Kirigaya

This is fast? Pahaha. PS fucked this for everyone, damn scrubs got this dumbed downed from how Titanfall originally played.

Amjad Al-Bittar

The cool little thing about PS VR is that you don't need to take off your glasses unlike other VRs


smell me wooden leg


smell me wooden leg

Jeremy Bonnell

Is this played on a regular PS4?

Yar D Blah

I've been waiting for this my whole life.....

Austin Melendez

hope they bring back attrition


there eye contact was very awkward


That booger though


I now want this.

Patrick Porter

I have only played TF1, and it was fun as well. It got a lot of bad press because it had a non-existent story mode, but the multiplayer aspect is what people like anyway so that didn't bother me. Can't wait to get TF2! Titanfall is much more fun than COD.

Shaun Page

The bounty mode sounds very fun

Ereb Ágilus

Poor Rob but he handled it like a professional


You forgot The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II.

Kirk-Da Rooster Gordon

I've been playing Titanfall for almost 2 years on the XboxOne I've always said Titanfall is so much fun so welcome to the Titanfall universe PS players

Marcelo Tezza

you know what sucks? the game is in the small screen, while the person on the larger part, this should be reversed, looks like sony is trying to hide something...

Connor Mann

I'm so confused, this game is for ps4 now? Is this part of the main game or is it DLC or is this a separate game?

nathan weir

In my opinion the titans are way less fun,the third person entering takes you out of the moment and slows the pace down. Rodoeing looks cool but doing it three times! In the first game you felt like you were destroying the titan by unloading a full mag in to it, now you drop a grenade and walk away no effort needed. That is all (i think)

Royal Knight

I know this is a German channel, but can we have English subtitles?


Wird interessant, freue mich schon darauf

John Schlong

looks just like the first one. yawn

Greg Douglass

now the gaystation owners won't have to suffer through infant warfare, much like we real console owners didnt have to suffer through ghosts hahaha.

Maximilien Dralet

I am afraid that I consider naming two previously existing (and relatively recent) games in this list to be lazy. Surely Bioshock and The Elder Scrolls 5 were excellent, but wouldn't it be justified to leave space for the newer, perhaps less known entries in the video-gaming world?

hvd iv

ps4 bias media at its finest.this is about the only good thing vr is for.


Pretty sure Warframe still has the title of the "Fastest shooter"

Nicholas Chemigz

When dose TitanFall 2 release


the only good PS4 games were xbox games like tomb raider and titanfall 2 LOL


the only good PS4 games were xbox games LOL


Zum Glück hab ich die Infos anderweitig aufgeschnappt, wer soll denn bitteschön dies verstehen, wenn man nicht gerade ein Faible dafür hat xD


Yesterday I asked a question regarding hat was the point of the reveal event for this game and I got so many answers regarding the delay and why there was a delay and why they games have them even this Hollie presenter answered me saying games get delayed to make them better hey that's how it is and I am just going to say ya all as dumb as bricks not one person read my comment ya just all assumed I was complaining about the delay when my question was about having paid reveal events and the


xbox box one this years has waaayyyyyyy better games

Marc Jennings

Out of interest which steering wheel is that?


where are the AAA exclusives??? I will play AAA games lile gears of wars 4,forza horizon 3 and Recore until christimas but if you PS4 you will play........ Multipaltaform LOL


I see no reason of buying this game same old spawn in get shot in the back fps the auto sprint is cool tho that's about it 

rick hunter

I don´t understand why the USA tries so hard to shoehorn women as gamers when women hate videogames and men that play it, women are not wired for videogames as many other stuff

Sogeking Unleashed

hahaha i have had Oculus Rift DK1/DK2/And now i have CV1 with dev touch controllers and i am sitting here with a grin to my face from ear to ear. Why? Because i am happy for YOU, (yes you the konsoll ppl). I wont by a ps4 nor a xbox nor a scorpion when that arrive. I have my high end (and i mean high end) PC that play everything in 4k 60+ fps. So no consolls for me (yea yea PC master race what ever...) But i am happy 4 you guys that dont have either money or time to build a PC that you n



Ereb Ágilus

Nathan bashing :)

Honey Badger

Xbox has no games lol


this is the first real game PS4 ever had

Kurosh razmi

Is it split screen really wanna play with the boyz

Ereb Ágilus

Schade, dass ich Access verpasst habe aber Anne und Wolf waren super nett :) Sehr geil, die beiden Teams mal zusammen zu sehen.

spin droid202

who is nathan

Stefan Burnett

Disliked cuz they guys were paid by konami to promote the game

AJ Byrne

At around 4.15 you can see on the right hand side, that there is now terrain, it's just emptiness with a skybox asset. WTF that doesn't look nice at all. ):<

Ereb Ágilus

Perfekt :)


Played 3 matches yesterday and loved the game. I did pretty badly as I had no idea what I was doing, but there was this one play I had, longest life, and it was incredible. Despite being really bad I had so much fun. Definitely going to get this game eventually.


Saddening to see that you have to defend that... Not that I think this *will* be a bad game. Konami could somehow exploit a great little dev team that would put something interesting out of the "shooting zombies" overused concept, or even find a way to make "multiplayer stealth" something remotly playable. But as for Konami, they so deserve to die. Not only in the gaming industry, but as a company (die as a company yes, don't kill people please). Even if the game is actually great, I won't


good choices all around, im disappointed about the ffxv delay side note, this is the first vid ive ever seen Hollie in. gotta say youre quite lovely Hollie.


Racing games are the only thing I look forward to in VR. But to get the best of that I'll probably have to invest in a decent wheel and pedals. Is this being played on a NEO, the in screen is too small for me to make out much in terms of graphics.

Jay “Legendary” Jason

Glad Sony has it so the community can experience it. TF2TT is fun but for now, Titan Fall is faster. I hope RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT speeds it before launch. If not then I'll just have to get used to it.

Max WorldVR

ihr seit dumm immer englisch macht doch ein englisch canal und nicht deusch ihr dummen

Guru Universalista

How about Geometry Wars Quantum Dimensions VR

christopher fieb

you guys look like a great couple. are you?

Guru Universalista

Comes with a neck protector and is you finish the hardest difficulty you get free thai massage and therapy


So glad I only rented this game on Xbone, and decided I'd buy it for PS4. Saved so much money in not buying it since this comes with all the DLC added for the same price if I would have just bought the game alone.

wind mill

so cool!

Musab Gefori

I'm surprised you missed Rise of The Tomb Raider and Watch Dogs 2 and they come out before Christmas.

Guru Universalista

Rob is daddy. So cool. Congrats with the baby Mister Rob.

scissorteddy lou

she looks like Maxmoefoe's twinsister ^^

Pan Thesla

2:41 look at this guy and then look at gameplay. its fake, guy dont turn wheel, but car goes left.

Chris Eubank

looks like I will need to save a grand for all of that but it looks worth it and I enjoyed drive club when I had my old ps4 SOLD.

Johnathan Lannister

Batman Arkham Origins is a game I always play before Christmas, I don't know why but I love that game.

Guru Universalista

Naughty Dog. Take notes. The Tomb Raiders should be the minimum prerequisites to a triple A game of these sorts.



Isaiah Kevin Ang

people never left out of complaints smh

Raisin Boy

This actually looks pretty good. I haven't bothered with multiplayer shooters for ages now but between this and Battlefield I might reconsider.

Boris Ahsmann

Looks fantastic but that's why I'm a little worried it might secretly be running off of a PS Neo. I hope not.

darren evans

That latency looks shocking

Go Book Yourself

7 amazing games I can't afford so I have to beg others to get them for me for Christmas....


Roflmfao! Talk about a cash grab. No shame at all.

Michael Ruiz

this is a terrible idea, zombies and complete change, this should be on part with resident evil or some other zombie end of the world apocalypse, but with metal gear game, it completely ruined it...

Shadow Drop

und wie soll man da jetzt was verstehen? xD

Tre Miller

Wait do u is the brakes on the steering wheel like the buttons?


Instead of DLC or remasters I'm surprised you didn't mention The Last Guardian. But either way still a nice list. Looking forward to most of them

Son Goten

No dragon ball xenoverse 2 hype then I'm the only one? I'll go cry in a corner now.


You honestly failed to put Last Guaridan on the list??

Pär Strandberg


Walter van Lille

Bioshock. I've only recently finished Infinite and I loved it so much that I went out and bought the first two for the PS3. So, basically now I'm halfway into the first one and I find out about the collection. Ech. Oh well, I'll just finish the ones I have and leave it at that. If you haven't played any of them yet though; you're in for a treat. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Tas Mania

Wurde die Grafik auch in der PC Version verbessert? Das währe für mich ein Grund wieder reinzuschauen.


Rob, it's ok for a man to cry. You just saw the best game series in history getting beaten, raped and killed. No one can witness something like this and just live on. It's ok to cry. It's ok....


Seems like a fun game, but I don't like the HUD

Anton “lasersword” Ellot

1. Reaction: I thought they wanted to stop MG, it won't be very good storywise anyway. 2. Reaction: Yup, not good. 3. Reaction, OH YEAH A NEW TIME LINE BECAUSE MG ISN'T COMPLICATED ENOUGH. I vote to boycott this game and never implement it into the Canon.

Captain Bukk

Maybe for a next friday feature, in contrast to "7 silent protagonists" what about "7 wittiest protagonists on PS4?"

Vali D Lucifer

The important question is .... Will there be bots ? You vs bots , you and friends vs bots ?

Chain Chan

A disaster waiting to happen.



Ben Smith

as soon as I realise Holly is on a video I turn it off.. worst voice in history

lex jansma

listen i get it... they are being paid to say positive things about this backstab to metal gear solid fans... but rob... you are a 'true' metal gear solid fan.... don't you feel used for this video???!!!!! it makes me sad that you have something non-negative to say about this.... thing!!!!!!! you!!! and only because you want to get paid for it!! a metal gear solid fan trough and trough and you like what you saw??!!! i feel filthy as a metal gear solid fan when i saw this poorly made traile


Hollie should be suck for going to political about brexit. She forgot that she herself is working in global company


ughhh they are making this but can't make mgo3 run right.... GGWP


I'm not buying any of these games. Not for me. Anything other than RPG's?!

Tommi Lääperi

too bad the graphics sucks on ps4

Gary McCormick

I thought I was watching COD gameplay for a while. Probably not gonna bother getting this after all

Gary McCormick

What's that in Holly's nose?


Super das ihr Untertitel in euren Videos einbaut


project car pc peasants stick this in you bung and cook slow hermits


Personally Ground Zeroes was amazing, but Phantom pain... uurrggghh killed the franchise for me. MGS1 will always remain a classic

viral sharma

last guardian ?

Ibraheem Productions

will there be fracture too?

Justin Woods

Nathan. How would your parents feel if they found out you'd been playing inverted?

Unicorn Of-Fury

We don't need to make a joke about ffXV, its enough of a joke that we'll be busy playing it BEFORE CHRISTMAS

Justin Woods

Inverted. Disgusting

Ian Bravo Gaming

I love how unenthusiastic they both are. I can tell they aren't excited but have to cover it because of the channel


i love driveclub

Justin Woods

Deus Ex and Mafia too

Ryan Chin (tengentoppa07)

This looks amazing. I don't have an Xbox or gaming PC so I couldn't play the first one. But, I have a PS4 so Titanfall 2 I'll have to pick up! Nice gameplay guys.

paul newman

must admit i will give this a pass on the ps4 been playing it on the oc and i cannot see the eye candy on the ps4 matching the pc version . they should of done a dual release instead of the exclusive deal

Dark Link

Dont even try to defend this. Konami is taking a franchise built off the back of one man and absoultly destroying it.

Nazraq S

My ps vr headset is preordered and I'll be picking it up on launch day. I own drive club and project cars. Hopefully they just need an update to add vr support. I don't want to buy them again. I also must borrow my brothers racing wheel! This is going to be amazing!

The Dark Frog

Hate how they call it TF2. also this game is unplayable on console .


Drive club is garbage so glad Sony shut down evolution.

Stupid Raptor

I'd local co op mainly because my friends all got Xbox ones

kalvin warren-mccarthy

never played skyrim so will be good to play it woth better graphics

Ben Popla



Not everyone's a winner because XBOX One and PC will not get World of Final Fantasy.

talking milkdud

I'm excited for this


Titian Fall 2 is awesome



Stuart White

Very worried that the emphasis is on "Smooth" I'd rather hope so...? Unless everyone is expecting games to judder today...

Story Teller “Xander” of Evil

Metal gear: black ops. or Call of metal gear. Its a cash grab clone shooter from what I can tell. considering kojima was what made konami any good. Too bad Kojima has no copywrite on the games

grey goose

just slap the call of duty on the title then....yaaayyy you have cod infinite warfare!!!!

Sebastian Marelli

The Last Guardian - Anyone


that moment when you take out an enemy titans battery and get launched back immediately onto another enemy titan which you damage via grenade and then get launched yet again onto a friendly titan that you heal which lets you summon your own titan. will never ever happen to me again probably but dang if it was not my most glorious moment I had no control of

Patrick Marsh

I loved the first and the second is so far just as good.

kenny sharp

will be buying uncharted 4 cheap before I wait to grab this in the sale aswell since they git a back hander from xbox div :s

The Forgotten Ones

This is a pathetic attempt to continue the series, metal gear is gone without kojima


Looks amazing! Cant wait!!! But hasnt this studio closed down? Or is this their last game? Huge shame if they are shutting up shop.

Even PS Access wasn't spared from the Konami hate. Haha.

James Ferran

deus ex


Actually, inter-dimensional stuff thingy exist in MGS TPP in form of wormhole fulton in game. And why people mad about MGSurvival but not when Metal Gear Rising comes out? Guess what, they are mad not because the game but because Konami-Kojima split-off :))

Purpleslimevsgaming 1 (little boys)

I watched your videos on my Xbox then just forgot the username so I could not subscribe so now 6 months later I remembered and here I am

T'lan Imass

I wonder if the normal version will run at 1080p at 60fps on Neo, 4K sytem should be capable of that no?

Vinny V



Playstation access didn't even rep the Playstation exclusive games coming out this year. Gran Tourismo and The Last Guardian.


The Last Guardian, Gran Tourismo, Paper Mario: Color Splash and Pokemon: Moon. That's what I'm waiting for.

abhishek bhat

I hate all the games you mentioned except dishonoured and what about PES2017 and FIFA17


Amazing is a very strong word. Just saying lol

abhishek bhat

I never played final fantasy game and I don't like it

Logan Smart

I'm truly proud this is coming to ps4 lol

hadziq chong

gravity rush 2 anyone??


This is a great demonstration, and his commentary while driving is excellent. It is hard to describe what it's like in VR without actually trying it. He mentions being able to judge distances and everything feeling more intuitive, and he's absolutely right. it's much easier in my opinion than driving on a 2D screen. I came from a triple screen setup to the oculus rift, and I can't go back.


Just a heads up ..... the game was probably put on the easiest setting. That's why he thinks he's now so good at racing games.

Nikkhil RB

the last time I was here rob had hair

Xavier Boudreau

don't worry Rob I am also dead inside

martin julian infante salkeld

lester de gta v

Austin Raymond

That thumbnail though <3

Foo Quuxman

[Joke about FF15 here]

Proulx Live

OMFG of course fastest since they don't have Titanfall LOL

Jan Brady

What's the appeal in fast paced gameplay? Is social media really killing people's attention span this much?


There are only 2 things you need to know 1) I'm not buying a Metal Gear without Kojima 2) I'm not buying anything Konami

marcelo souza


ExplosiveGaming Glover

is this the outside xbox for playstation? I can get used to this....

Daniel W

ive heard golf anouncers sound more exciting

Jose Trujillo

Holly not wearing a skirt


I thought you were going to start saying: "Hello, you've caught me at Gamescom" :D

Searching Search

GOOD Player


5 things that you should know about MetalGear Survive : 1. No Hideo Kojima 2. No Hideo Kojima 3. No Hideo Kojima 4. No Hideo Kojima 5. No Hideo Kojima

Arthurus Maximus

Awesome... I feel with you

Dark Side Of The Moon 76

Egal ob man dem Englischen mächtig ist oder nicht, aber ist es so schwer dieses Interview wenigstens ins Deutsche zu untertiteln?? Schwache Leistung von Inside PlayStation!!!

Scott S

First 4 player Co op? Rob, I'm disappointed. No love for peace walker? :'(

Kevin Korrekt

still looking like the Ps2 days

Roland Ravina

Rob and Dave just wanted to cry. Good on Rob for wearing shades. Dave don't even deny it. You're sad.

Ammon Mckay

turning zombies into a joke.


I want a PSVR. I tried a demo which called heist. PS moves were fine but the image quality was really bad. The gun on my hand had terrible terrible graphic. Does anyone feel the same? or it's just that game? I am wandering can DRIVECLUB really show the beautiful graphic?

Attila theHun

This is so fake, it hurts. Why can't the guy control this for real?...I don't get it.


wie schafft ihr dass zeitlich so viel videos hochzuladen?

Anarchy Templar

Can anybody give me some tips on how to improve at these kind of multiplayer games? I have no idea how people survive so long sometimes, i always get flanked from the back.


I cant wait till I get my Playstation vr! Got a few pre orders in! I'll need this wheel, which one is best? also should I invest in a gaming chair?

Lismarie Cruz

What about aot

Melodic Meerkat

I dunno man, DOOM is preeetyyyyyyyyy fast

Robin Best

Guys.... don't lie. Face it we all need to give up on Konami. give up any trust we have in them and give it now to someone else... Someone who really knows what's best for us... some like... Jim F'in Sterling Son! Because Thank God. For him.

Robin Best


Kaya Sarangelo

What's Rob's last name???

Kaya Sarangelo

What's Rob's last name???

Kenneth Lund

Playseat...Check....Steering wheel (Thrustmaster T300)...check....Astro A40 TR..Check....Need VR

Connor Lockett

My 7 games- STEEP- This is on the top of my list! An open world mountain massively multiplayer extreme sports game Bioshock remasters- well duh Battlefield 1- I still play battlefield 4 to this day! can't wait to time travel back to WWI South Park The fractured but whole- Played the first game like 3 times and loved every play through Mafia 3- My PS3 remembers the Mafia games and now it's back, plus i can't wait to here that 60's vietnam era soundtrack Skyrim remaster- " hello, yeah i

Shado w

I like you guys.


garbage .l.

Adam Block


Spherical Cobalt

ff world comes out after christmas. right?

Adam Block

Holly is soooooo adorable and cute <3 I love her hair!!! And her attitude.

Alex Beamer

Level Level 17

King landlord

Lmao they slowed the game down for these woeful PS4 players and it's still the fastest? Shameful

Dankey Lord

Rob I know you love metal gear, will you be doing a video on Metal Gear Survive or give your opinion on it?

Joey Reliford

damn hollie

joe smith

I play it as a run and gun.i don't stop wall running, sliding and jumping and it's one of the most satisfying feeling ever especially when I do really well

Nedim Alic

I wonder if Playstation Access folk are allowed to acknowledge the existence of Xbox. You'd think at least games like this would merit mention they're sequels to games on different platforms.


i wont be buying this, because of the time exclusive decision they made. if you like PlayStation don't buy this game.

Carsten de Jong

does anyone else gets a bit of an attack on titan kinda vibe

Dave Vd

My reaction while watching the trailer. ....................../´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( ..............\.............\...

Raptor MUC

Beste ! T -53 : )

Benjamin Busche

Makes me want to get a whole steering wheel setup, tbh. xD

Pixie D. Dix

No love for Persona 5?


i love this channel but i hate how they always pretend that pc and xbox don't exist, unlike 'outside xbox' who even feature ps exclusives i mean seriously, do you honestly never heard of titanfall and know nothing about it ! even my mom knows it i know it's playstation channel but you can say the word xbox and not die

Edwin Gonzalez

Can't wait till DBX2

Nuno Lourenco

noooooooooooooooooooooooo i just buy the normal game on ps4 :(


if u didnt know this Bethesda are already making elder scrolls VI which I think was named Valenwood


Bank Holiday weekend next week here in UK.... and it's the Titanfall 2 PS4 Beta!!! Hope you Xbone peeps are enjoying it this weekend. Can't wait to play it for the first time ever!

Muammar Gibran

FF15 GT Sport Idolmaster Platinum Stars - already out July WWE 2K17(?) F1 2016 - just released Fate Extella Yakuza 6 (Japan only) Nascar Heat Evolution

grahamg46 ps4

there is only one thing you need to know THIS GAME IS COMPLETE TRASH DO NOT BUY IT

Frank Thepug

Is this game mode on the xbone and PC versions?


All my time is going to be used up on Destiny and Dishonoured


Shame it's no where near as good as the original.

James Powlett

i wouldnt buy any of the games you mentioned in this video , hope 2017 is better for new games




I realize that this would've been on Nathan's or Dave's list, but Titanfall 2 is one I'm excited for this year.

Paul Watson

Anymore info. On Verdun on the ps4

Chi sey

This makes blops 3 mp look and play like a masterpiece. Honestly for real is like a shady Chinese knockoff of cod

Chi sey

It's going to flop harder than fake viagra


Cant wait until 2030! I really wanna play FF15!


With some guessing and tedious math -_- the map for this mode is ABOUT an 8th of the size of GTA 3, if that helps anyone.

Frederick Douglas

what? no gravity spikes? dislike


Is this channel owned by Sony?

Vandoeun Long

hollie is bae.


My wallet is already crying! Great video as always guys.

George Stoubos

5)Deus Ex Mankind Divided 4)WoFF 3)Dishonered 2 2)Kingdom Hearts 2.8 1)FFXV

Fitzy 10101

The fact I can get it right now is the only thing that would make me feel better

Issa Mbagathi



Gareth please just fix the servers


The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh. These 3 games are my most anticipated and are all PS4 exclusive.


Where is Holly from? I'm in love with her accent lol


What's the slowest shooter on PS4 because that's more my style.

Gamer Heaven

skyrim is spelt wrong in the video

Liquid Arum

Surprised they didn't mention last guardian.


Kommt bestimmt april

Alan Garcia

Deus ex? =(

Marvelous Mehki

These guys must of forgotten about the new DOOM

Leonard “Alpha” Church

This could've been a lot better if Konami had made the game a bit more grounded and used it to explain the wandering MB soldiers and their almost zombie-like movements.

Maul Xx

I'm getting Skyrim. Final Fantasy will have to wait. Not getting South Park, Bioshock, world of FF & especially not Destiny.

Mike Kost

Not even a word about P5 .-. are you even trying here?


I give you a thumbs down. Not because of your video, but because of what your video is about. This disrespectful piece of garbage doesn't deserve to even be thought about.


Any chance of a Friday Feature blooper reel? Mostly the Rob & Mum bits. Maybe for Christmas eh?


I am with Hollie on Elder Scrolls. I never really enjoyed Skyrim. I like a lot more structure. I am not into the GTA or Skyrim style of just doing nothing for 300 hours.


Why is no one excited for last guardian?????


FFXV (I'm honestly a bit bitter, but I still can't wait and this is my no1 game I want for 10 years aaaa) World of Final Fantasy Dishonoured 2 (though I might not play it bc I'm very bad with those kinds of games) Psycho pass (bc the anime is SO GOOD) Kingdom hearts II.8 (aqua is back what is to not be excited about)

Alex Potter

im sorry but destiny is THE WORST game i have ever played because of the same enemies as level 1 just a level higher its grinding and very boring


could have given us release dates :-/

David ik

die Samurai sind viel cooler als die Ritter :D

Tony Shimkus

kh 2.8

Liquid Sphere

God she's irritating


warframe, overwatch, and the new unreal tournament are all more fast paced than this

Mattis Finstad Hansen

So, if I'm only going to have one first person shooter for PS4 in the future to be totally horrible in, would this or Battlefield be the one it would be the most fun to suck in?

Marco Golubovic

lack ich lutsch masaroki hiranos cock wenn das spiel so geil wird wie im trailer XD

Theofanis Dida

well at least this time it wont be the same regular games

Hugo Axelsson

Titans for life, Hollie!

Silver_spectre gaming

you've seen Pacific rim rob

Rapier Whip

If anybody cares, gamet- railers became the new channel Easy Allies, just to let anyone know. Also this game actually looks kinda fun. Never played the first one, I didn't have any interest in the original. But this one looks interesting.

Play play

Ach ja und supergirl ist auch der red lantern das könnte man schon sehen das ist kein geheimnis

Play play

Das stimmt so aber nicht ich kauf so viele packs um alle Level und hubworlds freizuschalten

sac wood

stupid question can you use a controller for the driving vr games?and is this running on the current ps4 not the neo?if so im in any idea of how much the ps vr will cost?


can you have more than two players in a game?


What about kingdom hearts 2.8 :(


I've noticed a trend this year: Pokemon is becoming more like Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy is becoming more like Pokemon! Give it a few years, and we are going to see a Kingdom Hearts like crossover!


Mafia III

Luis Cortes

But, Mass Effect: Andromeda

Beer Bean

Ich finde das ein sehr interessantes Thema. Irgendwann wird der Mensch KI erschaffen. Die sich nicht von organischen Lebewesen unterscheiden (bis auf die Materialien). Und dennoch wie ein Ding behandelt werden. Ähnliches gab es schon damals im Zeitalter der Sklaverei. Und hierbei ging es um Lebewesen (Menschen). Es wird ethnische Konflikte geben. Ich persönlich würde gerne zum Androiden konvertieren. Endloses und perfektes Leben. Ohne gebrechen etc. Bis auf Computer-Viren vielleicht. ;)


i love seeing ps4 users reaction to this world after having played it so long ago


*Anne du hättest mal auf Basic Instict machen sollen :P*

Sagacious Dude

If you look closely at Rob's glasses you can see the reflection of the Konami executive currently holding them at gunpoint.

Captain Biggles

Inverted is the only proper way to play! Good on you, Nath! Don't take any guff from these swine.

Beer Bean

Hoffentlich gibt es wieder Titten zu sehen. Das habe ich im letzten Teil vermisst. Nur so kann es zum besten Game werden. Im Augenblick. :D

Tomek G

Look carefully, this isn't real driving, this man didn't drove this car, check timing and moving wheel and head e.g 3:56 -4:00 and so on...

Tweetug 36

Rob din't even make any joke or cheerful like he use too. He seem sad.


Loved playing the tech test!

Kolibri 1491

Can't wait! Looks absolutely brilliant! (And addictive!) Thanks for sharing this with us :)

Quick Expert Reviews


Beer Bean

Spendet Wolf eine neue Hose.


PS: Who unsubscribed me from your channel?? HOW THAT HAPPEN?? :O

Don Rodie

VR the future of racing games, imagine GT Sport now.


Final Fantasy 15: Coming out some time in the future... Maybe?

Brendan Engles

Wow no mafia III??


So is it actually being rendered in 3d within the headset?

Beef Springs

bird floating sideways in dishonored

Aztec MC



should I get titan fall 2 or watch dogs 2 .

Rodger Arnold

My question is: Will DriveClub VR be a different game , or will the original DriveClub be getting the VR add on?


It doesn't matter how many angles I can wank at, it's still a bog-standard wank at the end of the day.

Jim G

I love the way Daves all serious and Robs like "Giant killer robots"

Petter Lindgren

I am exited for rise of the tomb raider ps4 edition and deus ex mankind divided which I will get for my birthday next mounth deus ex i mean


great vid guys, cant wait to get my copy.

The Spongy Mallard

I am really loving this game.

David Arnold

The best game on this list is definitely Final Fantasy XV. I can't wait for it. I also can't wait for the FF VII remake and the FFXII Remake. I want them all now xD


Is this channel actually sponsored and / or financed by sony though?

Koky Zain

Bioshock will and always will be my best game of all time I just love it hope they make a new one...

jos schulte

zombie mode cool

Duel Verse

Janet robs married! Now I can't ship him with Hollie!

Thomas Knight

1:17 Rob Rage

Destiny hunter

OG titanfall was a lot faster, o wait that was xbox only. Well I am glad ps gets to enjoy this fantastic game series


I'm loving titanfall so far I'm glad they came to PlayStation this time




What about Kingdom Hearts 2.8???? maaaaaaan that's gonna be greaaaat

lord darkseid “ahsoka” loves harley quinn forever

dishonored 2 & xenoverse 2

Brandon Ware

Hope this is a launch title because I will be buying it!!! Or hopefully they have it as a free update because I still have my copy.

David ik

ohne downgrade bestimmt eine gute grafik :)

Styxx Rivier

Rob where are your glasses. Im not used to you without them.


oh my god wow. i just wish there was open world gameplay this would be perfect.


will this be a free update if you own Driveclub?


Fantastic. Driveclub rules! Driveclub VR rules even more.

Big Boss

Is it even stealth

Rodrigo Marquez

Dishonored skyrim bioshock the last guardian


Uh, DOOM came out on ps4 did it not?


Good job being spoiler sensitive about bioshock.

Pink Panther

Looks cool but needs more to do


Played the tech test yesterday and I gotta say it was a blast. Never owned a COD before but I played the BO3 beta and Titanfall feels alot more fluid, just the amount of control you have when sliding or wall-running feels great. Not to mention the fact that you get freaking mechs you can battle against each other! Lol

Michael Christie

So is this like a beta version or what we see in the full game?

NN4D 1N73RN4U7

Holly is such a love! XD

Brody Drews

she said Pokémon

Josip Kukavica

Would you kinldly play all of bioshock's again, you know you want to!!!

Ali Soofi

can u have bot setup in titanfall 2 and is there couch multiplayer

Tynan Slavik

Dead Rising 1 and 2 remastered coming out the same day as bioshock collection is gonna be crazy.

Khalid Alamin

why cant they say what they really feel ..........I mean outsidebox can ....why cant they are they required to not bash any game

Ali Soofi

any one remeber when they had 300,000 time flies


uhm hello... I speak english

NN4D 1N73RN4U7

Looks really good!


shame the game is rubbish.....


Wow you're pretty good at it guys...

Jacob Ashman

I have never had so much fun playing online than I have with this game. and it's just the tech test.I've played cod, doom, Destiny, uncharted, I'm not comparing how fast or how good, or how they play, I'm just saying that this game is fun. I believe each to their own. So if you hate this game, fine that's your opinion. we're all gamers, we like different things. I never got to play the first one so I'm having a blast with this test.

Takis Caiafas

Mafia 3

Feuerfaust Sabo Ps4 Lps und mehr Kram

Wow Kojami is stupid

Satiar Riahipour

Do you guys payed attention that the game is called ((final))fantasy the last fantasy and it has over 200 games


Why does this look worse graphics-wise than the public tech test?

Captain Leo

first metal gear survive now this? what has the world come to

Juli Buli



keep your forza xbox

Ackbar Reserve

Poor guys are on the verge of tears for the whole video. Goddamnit Konami

Genc Osman

wieso nimmt sich der Tekkenentwickler nciht ein Beispiel von denen die release alle jahre o. 2 ein neues Teil während der 5 jahre braucht lol

Psycho Scotty

Top 10 impossible trophies for ps4 and ps3

Michael Mitchell

What about The Last Guardian? :D

Genc Osman

Eigentlich hat er einfach sich wiederholt weil man das schon vor einem halben Jahr wusste.DIese Japaner geizen so hard mit ihren franchise

yo y cosasguays

My game lags AF, I suposse it's due to my Wi-Fi


Battlefield 1, Cod Infinity Warfare... What are those?

Bratniel Rios

Its not as fast as bo3


Das wird so fett wird Zeit das es endlich kommt !

Elliot Tudor

Rob what are your thoughts on the announcement of the new metal gear game


it reminds me of the multiplayer mode in avatar

Panda Anthony

wow the gameplay is amazing. u can definitly see nates destiny skills come in handy. would u recommend this game if i just got a ps4 and havent gotten any games yet but i have experience with first person shooters. also off topic but is agony going to be on ps4? im definitly requesting seeing some gameplay in that


Look mirror is low quality. lol

Hen Lee

The last of us multiplayer is best one on ps4

PixelFoundry Gaming

I've actually never experience Bioshock. Any of them. I am really happy that a remastered edition is releasing. I didn't get "Infinite" because I never played the others, so I am so glad that all three games will be on the remastered edition. I've heard nothing but great things about Bioshock. And I'm glad Final Fantasy XV got delayed because it would be conflicting with my decision to choose that over the Bioshock remaster release. So now I can get the Bioshock Collection in September and - Klick dich Japanisch

7:23 - Och nö, schon wieder so lange Ladezeiten. 30sek können einem schon gehörig auf die Nerven gehen, wenn man merkt, dass man etwas verbockt hat und neu laden möchte bzw. wie hier entdeckt wurde. War bei Human Revolution auch teils echt stressig, wenn ich mich gerade recht entsinne. - Klick dich Japanisch

7:23 - Och nö, schon wieder so lange Ladezeiten. 20sek können einem schon gehörig auf die Nerven gehen, wenn man merkt, dass man etwas verbockt hat und neu laden möchte bzw. wie hier entdeckt wurde. War bei Human Revolution auch teils echt stressig, wenn ich mich gerade recht entsinne.

Captain Dan

I can confirm, that since our son was born, I can actually have more time for video games.

Swedish Gamer33

Now there just needs to be a crossover!

Justin Knapp

I'm hyped for this game and not battlefield 1 because of how they're designing it for casuals.

Fergal Harte

You guys play the game completely wrong, I know this is your first time playing the game, but you shouldn't be sitting still at hardpoints or walking around; you should be sprinting and wallrunning everywhere.

KaiN ShaDoWzZ

Ich kann kein Japanisch...

Rick Hellgeth

Overwatch makes this look snail's pace.

Lolekisawesome #2

English mothafucka! Do you speak it???

Völlig losgelöst

jap kann mit Streetfighter auch nix anfangen freu mich drauf, wenns den endlich kommt

Völlig losgelöst

2 hübsche Frauen :)

Völlig losgelöst

sieht mega aus :D Ein OpenWorld Dragonball Spiel?

NomRandom Paul

"Tintanfall 2" Nobody else notice that?

Miguel Saldala

Tell your fans to not waste their hard earned money on this garbage. I wasted 69.99 on Titanfall 1. EA is great at over hyping their games. I was dissatisfied with the content for the amount of money I paid for it. Everything about the game was lacking, story, gameplay, content, etc.. This is the same garbage with a number 2 at the end of it.

Vladim Jord

das wird so zeit ich warte über ein jahr darauf

Geffrey Geofer

A part of me just died since they announced that game ! My favourite game turned into that ex wife i can't bear to look at without puking ! And will give out my money to konami like child support, i just have to, its my ki.. metalgear

The Magic Conch

Already have some kickass stereo headphones, now all I need is the VR. Ultimate immersion...

Gus Tahara-Edmonds

I'm confused... Didn't this game come out or is this dlc?

Tank Connors

I just find that this looks to much like COD...

Guy Giberyen

ich mag Lara nur wenn sie nackt in meinem Bett liegt muhahaha

Techu40 X

Looks like cod

Seb Mose



I am just waiting for Skyrim Special Edition, but DisHonored 2 looks absolutely amazing!

Dank Memestep

I always liked dc is because of the characters :D


i didnt hear they lifted the xbox exclusive for this. maybe ill start looking into this game but wasnt the first one like mostly ai with some other people?


i don't understand why there is so many AI here he play offline or multiplayer? i know was AI on Titanfall but this looks many more AI has Titans too on first game?

PFT Burchell

Can only hope it has dedicated servers and adds plenty of content at release. No cutting the game up or releasing it unfinished.




Much rather a forza game than drive club but still looks great

toby lang

60 € für ein Game das 1 Jahr alt ist? Ohne mich. Behaltet den Mist.


Not interested in that.


that is no metal gear...

Simi Indahouse

"Lara Kroft" :D


I'm glad that Titanfall two is fast. Ps4 really needed a fast, mindless shooter that is fluid and fun.

Cory Beach

I think I'm in love with Hollie


Die PS4 version ist so geil. Schon vorbestellt

Cody B

You guys rock, thanks so much for making a friday video still!

Game Raider

these guys sound really sad

Splotch the Cat-Thing

Being a bank teller in this universe sounds like a high-risk job. I hope they get paid well. Would love to see a mode like that in Descent Underground actually.

Danny Dembek

I am so glad the Bioshock Collection made it one this list! As a huge fan I have played them all through and the 1st two games several times each I was just waiting for a remaster. Also the 2nd game is still AMAZING I have no idea why some people didnt like it. Play these games they are some of the best ever made in my opinion.

Sanjay Goswami

what about watchdogs 2??


I still think doom feels faster paced.

Kapitän Hook

DU nennst mich Spitzkopf!?


Wow. It seems everyone is pissed off at this game. I want to see whether or not this will be good.

Conor M.

There's actually a sequel to the most forgettable game of all time?

Peter Taylor

Downgrade!! No wait, amh... Not enough content!! And... Game's too repetitive, and textures are like two years back!! No wait... Amh... Let me guess... Too much open world!! Or not enough open world!! Also, voices are a very bad thing... The dialogues are now too vague and... Downgrade!! Oh, I already said that. Just wait, I need to think in more stupid

Alex Howe

(FFXV joke incoming) Final Fantasy Fifteen, more like Final Fantasy FifTEEN YEARS TO MAKE


Been waiting for something like this since 10 years ago. Hope F1 uses VR

Habib Ali



If you want to compared titanfall to cod lately just don't. It's completely different faster feel in titanfall. The jumping and wall running and freedom is completely better and fluid. You can go anywhere in the map in TF. Black ops and advanced warfare still feel like crappy maps with a few walls to run on. TF maps feel completely liberating.

chris cynical13

I think the title should be metal gear rip off cod zombies

Martin Klose

Typisch japanische Spiele Mentalität. Den Leuten 20 Jahre lang quasi das gleiche Spiel zu verkaufen. Wie bei Dynastie Warriors. Anstatt beim xten Teil mal was wirklich neues bzw. anderes zu probieren.


There is a "Big" Tits Lara??? I mean, surely there must be.. ;-)


just give me battlefield


size of map means absolutely nothing if there are zero interesting thinks to do in it..

Ozen Frost

Lol, feel sorry for you guys the disappoint is clear as daylight. But kudos for staying professional.


I know this isn't related to this video but anyone know if oculus is doing this for forza or project cars 2?

Al Muhajir

Aw! Come on! At least give it to P* and make a sequel to MGR: REVENGEANCE... This won't happen if Armstrong is president!!

Telling Literature

Zum Glück ist es untertitelt


Mafia 3 is all I look forward to and more


Its reeeeeally fast. you can instantly respawn. you can kill someone and run into them again in 3 seconds its so fun. and its not as aggravating when you get killed

Ethan Klein

They forgot Mafia 3

Tuxedo Troops Scandinavian Orange

My top 7: Watch Dogs 2 The Last Guardian Battlefield one Mafia 3 Dishonored 2 Skyrim - Special Editon Bioshock - The collection

bailey nelson

I think it's a bunch of dead zombie's merged together to make one super metal gear zombie


Ich habe mal eine Frage zu der Steuerung, für den Playstation Move Controller gibt es ja auch einen Navigations Controller, kann man den bei Playstation vr auch verwenden?


I could listen to Hollie's voice for hours

Liam Dillon

Can't wait to watch Nath bellowing at Dave on this

Bigbad Crawford

Doom is faster


One word, Vanquish.


Wow looks super fun:) Is this on a standard ps4 or a ps4 Neo? Hope it's a standard because I don't really wanna drop more cash on a new ps4 especially after paying off my PSVR

Spin Bros | FIFA, PES & Football

FUT sounds dope!

Christopher Redmayne

is it a free update ??

MEGA musician

I'm really hoping it wont be terrible

Jon Brady

looks a lot nicer on pc babe

Banana Joe

I love it


DIe Frage, die sich mir dabei stellt ist, wie lösen sie das Problem, dass Fadenkreuz und Gegner unterschiedliche Tiefen haben. Ich hab mal versucht Far Cry 3 in 3D zu spielen. Ich hatte entweder zwei Fadenkreuze, wenn ich mich auf einen Gegner fokusiert habe, oder zwei Gegner, wenn ich mich auf das Fadenkreuz fokusiert habe.

Harley Rules

This interview would be way better if the interviewer had at least some actual knowledge about DC and injustice

ethan rowe

So...Call of duty basically...


There's something about this game that doesn't feel like Titanfall...I'm going to have to play the first game again today and see the difference.


wtf the same game and the same graphics D:<


they wrote tintanfall 2


I really hope this game gets a solid playerbase on PC. I thought the first one was one of the most underrated games of its time. Kinda like Battleborn now.

Ryan Nosdivad

Tintanfall 2..


Tintanfall 2, is what im hyped for.

Christian Axelsson

It looks kind of barren. 60 fps on PS4 comes with many graphical compromises.

roshaan tariq

How early can you guys download?? Iam half way through in a day!

matthew evans

The bots make me feel good at this game

Adrián Sesmonde Sangiao

So it's basically the same trash as it was the first Titanfall

BlastRyder Mega

when does does this game launch?

Lionblood Studios

I'm a xbox guy. got hundreds of hours on titanfall 1. But I'm really happy for the playstation community for getting titanfall 2. It's a little different then part 1. But it's really good. Love grappling with the hook on top of ememy titans. hopefully sales r really good between all platforms so there can be more sequels in the future


Fastest shooter on PS? Bitch you smoking dicks or did you forget Doom was a shooter?


I hope there'll be split screen multiplayer


looks bullet spongy. does a headshot guarantee a one-hit kill?


Honestly Im not impressed. The movement system(double jump,wall running,grappling hook) is terrible. The fov is bad, graphics are ok but the colour pallete is bland and boring. The bots are too weak, but the titans are cool I guess. The maps are large so I was getting shot from the rooftops by some guy and it was annoying. Its just overall mediocre and boring. It just feels like a worse black ops 3 and advanced warfare but with titans. And the geniuses at ea are releasing this in october w


My buddy & me smoke these people so bad on Hardpoint 400-6 . Never played for the first game, but this one is pretty balance and no frame rate issues for an Alpha build. Can't wait for this in Oct.


Would've spent some time with this over the weekend...but, Deus Ex. So good. Titanfall can wait.

Jonathan Gater

Not really the fastest, Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament in the day where all considerably faster than today's FPS. Titanfall's hit detection and movement fluidity beats Call of Duty hands down. Unfortunately people are loyal too the brand of Call of Duty however could be different this year.


I'm glad they kept the epilogue


isn't that doom?


"tintanfall 2?" bruh what

Dandre Reynolds

Tbh it kinda looks like a mix of call of duty,battlefield 4,and destiny

Pro Instincts

Titanfall 2 will be the best futuristic shooter this year. It won't die quick like the original Titanfall, because they've a competitive mode with no bots.

Dom Coull

I would say the fastest shooter I've ever played is the new DOOM


i still play the first one on pc xD this and Star Wars Battlefront are the only Games I'm good at.

Andy Arnold

Mixed feelings on this

The Humour Games!

Is quake not coming to ps4? How about lawbreakers?

FreE994 MaN542

The Flash running with an Ar is the fastest shooter

JD Gaming

I looks really similar to the first one tbh

Mark John

I don't understand the appeal of dying so quickly. Games like Halo 2 were brilliant because if you were skilled enough, you could often out-gun somebody who attacked you from behind. Titanfall and COD give you no time at all to react, resulting in most of your deaths feeling cheap.


"Is this the fastest shooter on 13:29" I think the tittles need to be on top of the thumbnail.

Adam “MUFC”

This looks just like black ops 3

Cynical Lawman

loved the original, thought it did alot well that other games like COD could learn from, love that the market is widening


Can't stop thinking when watching this that Nathan plays with inverted controls. Nathan come on! Join us normal people

Craig Sloan

looks good, not a big fps guy but looks better than cod

Fa Mulan

0:25 Tintanfall?

Alp Baybes

On my opinion this game is gonna die pretty quick just like cod 3 and the division


when does this come out?

Xander Crease

This October is brutal for gamers. Titan fall 2, Gears 4, PSVR, Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Last Guardian. Let the saving commence.


The fastest shooter. We heard that before! Advanced warfare

dream slayer07

Will there be a beta or alpha test


This will be hard when you are talking about Team Fortress 2 but people think you are talking about Titanfall 2.


Looks like a re-skinned AW on steroids. All I can say is thank god for the MW remaster, the genre has declined so badly over the last 6 years.


6:13 you mean camping?


r u sure about that


Did you guys know about anti titan weapons and how you can set the Titan into different modes while you are not in it?


I'm stoked

Xavier Hatch

ffxiv was a huge fipoff

Xavier Hatch


Ducks Reviews

Love how she says final fantasy!


Hollie is my soul mate #titanlife


Sad days...


More like 1 thing I need to forget: Metal Gear Survive


Great marketing Playstation. Got me really interested in PS VR!


Have you guys tried Warframe? I mean you fairly often talk about Destiny and mention Destiny but Warframe is getting new big updates, lore is being unraveled.

Muhammad Solwa


e efilysp

A proper game 

juju Seducer

what year are you hoping ff15 comes out in Holly


I can't wait for Rise of Iron, I just picked up destiny again a few days ago and the fact I dropped a red death, which I've been trying to get since EVER, got me hyped up again ! DEFENDER SENPAI for the win !

Oscar Macgill

I feel sorry for rob


Mount and blade banner-lord? anyone...?

Jonny Binalay

Nathan kills a deer in Survival Mode - "Nathan's a bad person!" Hollie headshots a turtle while exploring Far Cry Primal - "It had it coming" Bit harsh? (Love you Holl!)

Playlist God.

What in the world even is Call Of Duty nowadays. I literally just finished COD 1, got it a few days ago on steam, and now looking at this, its like holy shit man.


Get out that business boot and come to the public boots. We want to meet u :p

Sunny Schramm

2:50 mehr als dreist bei dishonored geklaut :D

Jeremy Mullin

It's The Fractured Butthole. I'm pretty sure.

Frank Gütle

Genuine excitement...I love it...

Jackobot 1812

How about battlefield 1

Jackobot 1812

How about battlefield 1


Just drive Dave! :D

Oliver Rosenkilde

Because Nathan is playing inverted, the gameplay looks like a toddler that for the first time is playing with a controller...

Earl Walker


Patrick Hofmann

Hmmmm Sie ist sooo eine HÜBSCHE FRAU !!!!!!!

Gaming With Dave

this looks a lot of fun! Can't wait to try it out :)

Roonco SP

I only realised it was Friday when I saw this yesterday (I thought it was Saturday until then). Thanks, Access!


Kann man an dem Stand mit einem dieser Termine das Spiel frei wählen?

Roonco SP

This looks incredible and so much fun! Thanks for highlighting it, guys!

James Cornwell

1.3 million prize pool = you are buying 100's of millions of dollars of crappy packs with rental players to recreate teams in the main game. All we want is u you buying packs in a mode that should be f2p but we are greedy as f k, and know we can get away with adding very little to career and clubs because you will buy the game and spend 100's more on packs meanwhile the people that see ultimate rental ripoff for what it is have to suffer through clubs features from 2011 and homogeneous ai a

H White

Hang on, Don't Starve actually went to ps4 after the early access on PC? Never realised that

Patrick Clifford (Snoogs)

I think if I did Skyrim again, my wife would divorce me this time around... but I really want too!!!!

Azzam Al-tairi

Btw when will crash bandicoot remastered gonna be released

Toto Maloto

Does Driveclub support manual h pattern gearbox or any else PS4 racing games?


Oh Rob the utter pain and sadness on your face trying to get through this video. You're not alone brother, you're not alone. WHYYYY must you destroy legacies Konami? Destroy franchises? Destroy hope? You have failed your most important fan base....30 years publishing Metal Gear and yet you haven't a clue what metal gear is or what it means to people.....

Rocks 176


willy birdie

I'm a simple man, I just wanna play Dark Souls 3 DLCs, that's all..

Niloc Namgreb

Hollie: the Corvo stuff is BRUTAL I need this game now xD, but DOOM first.


Finally, a Friday Feature where Rob cannot possibly mention MGS! I've preordered so much of these already - there won't actually be a Christmas in my household...

Fighter Of The Nightman

Did Rob forget Hollie's name at the start?


THIS GAME IS ON PS4??? since when??


so they dont honestly express themselves on this channel? thats too bad..

Sam Lott

Looks terrible


Vor dem Nahkampfangriff immer erst mal ein schönes schwarzes Bild. Das zieht mich enorm raus.


Even if I went against my instinct and got the game for myself, there's no way in hell I could convince 3 of my friends to buy it too.


my mind now is thinking PRO EVOLUTION looking at a player to pass to etc the mind boģgles


Am I the only person who is looking forward to Deus Ex Mankind Divided?


sequel, sequel, remake, spin off, sequel, dlc, remake.

Hitch Slap

Na na na naaa Giroud <3

Oneshotvg Gaming

Why is everyone hyped for watchdogs 2 when I know it's going to be terrible

Pete Bradley

Bet you Rob wears the Brian Cox wig in the hotel room at night to remind him of the better times


I agree with the other guy. This looks either terribly assisted or just a demo with minimal input from the player. Also, there's no way the gorgeous rain physics can be rendered in VR. All VR clips of this game have had no weather effects.

Adam Al- Cryax, Curse

dave played your mum all this time WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! mind shatters to ash hehe luv you guys ^^

Adam Al- Cryax, Curse

to any new blood & wine players: if you want your heart to be crushed to ash: pick the option to forcebly summon Detlaf and stick to it >_> pick getting cyana to him if you want a more positive ending :D


Wolf Speer: Obviously ;)

Linus Hesslo

Isn't Kingdom Hearts 2.8 said to have a december release?


I see no point of buying this game after Microsoft bribed money whores Square Enix for a timed exclusive.


After 3:00 Dave's movement and the gameplay is completely out of sync. What happened there?

Elias Middendorf

Welcome in my home country, Germany. Come visit me in Hamburg

Mick Benjamins

Looking forward to play Bioshock, never got round to playing this


After 3:00 the movement of Dave and the video is completely out of sync so well done.. I'm not sure if it's pre-recorded or just fake.

Trusty Patches

Wait, people like Destiny?

John Chiang

Rob. Just stick to making videos alone.


crytek ist eigentlich für die grafik bekannt aber wen ich die Bäume sehe bekomme ich kopfweh


is there any improvements to the ps4 version vs the xbone version?


Am i the only one to notice that they spelled 'Skyrim' 'Skryim' at 4:39...


Is this its own game or dlc

Stannis Baratheon

Looks a bit bland to be honest. In Don't Starve there's far more you need to be doing to stay alive. This just looks really shallow like No Man's Sky.

Kevin Bradley

How can you not even mention Persona? Two remakes that everybody already played, and no mention of my most anticipated RPGs is unfortunate.


2:50 The headtracking completely fails! No relation between screen and head....


Hurry up with Killing Floor 2 already! FS.

itsaGthanG11 BELT

is it just me or did the 2 reporters that interviewed Ed Boon didn't know anything about injustice

fred doolanburke

is this on xbox one?

joey lupo

"First Gameplay Details", bullshit all it is was them talking and clips from the trailer.


A game i played years ago on ps3.

DJ jazzy Jizz

What about deus ex

Matt Taylor

Quite surprised no PSVR on the list. My personal 7- Bioshock collection Batman Arkham VR Dishonored 2 Mafia III PS VR Worlds Deus Ex Mankind Divided Tomb Raider


Ihr bringt richtig gute Videos von der GC


Don't really think dlc for a game counts as an amazing new game. Mafia 3 and bioshock is about all that has my interest plus the walking dead season 3 but that's more an interactive movie


I know it's garbage and that's all I need to know

Marc Skurski

hol ich mir

Akmal Ibrahim

"It was a ni... It was a big surprise"


never played BioShock or skyrim. no better time right?

Akmal Ibrahim

Rob wearing that shades not because of the sun, it's because he is crying inside.


I'm obsessed with Dishonored 2. my number one most anticipated

Dauri noor

Hollie i like you. Please notice me, senpai


i see this cod a ok game and i dont know why all the hate. metal gear survive and konami deserve all the hate #fuckonami

Bunyip swamp

attack on titan wings of freedom any one ?

Michaelwolf 11

man ich habe mich verschrieben bo3 ist besser als Infinitiv warfare

Dr4gonkiller96 (PC)

Infinite Warfare, GT Sport, Titanfall 2 (will not get though), Watch dogs 2, South Park, PSVR Library, Gravity Rush 2. cant think of anything else that i like because they are next year.

Damien Woods


Alex Hazell

What bout Titanfall 2?


Would be great if PS4 could support G27...

Iron Giant

WHat about KH 2.8? Is it coming out by Christmas?

Chris Rushworth

I'm excited for Mafia 3

Carl Olson

this is my first youtube comment and i just wanted to say you guys are my favorite people on youtube. and i watch a lot of youtube. rob you're the x factor but nath dave and holly and the sometimes featured dude with the epic beard are all amazing. keep doing what you do guys

Brandon Bell

yaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FF15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank god finaly

Shahram Qureshi

Y so many dislikes

Nolan Rose

Deus ex

Emil Uhrbrand Scioldann

I use invertet

Dyngh Timo

Du bist richtig NYC WOLF

Ezequiel Acosta

Rob move over, she is now my new favorite. I love redheads

Kenneth Estanislao

Rob's hair is alive! It's slowly migrating from his head to his chin...


If I was 3 years older, I'd take Hollie on a date and just listen to her talk. That accent is remarkable

Mythical Hunter

if Rob tell us I will cosplay as him for comic con


Played this on PC, besides the issues and terrible optimization in later levels of the game, it was just the story that killed it, so generic. But the side content is pretty good.


Five things we know about Metal Gear Survive: 1. It's going to be terrible. 2. It's going to be terrible. 3. It's going to be terrible. 4. It's going to be terrible. 5. It's going to be terrible.

Jeremy Huylebroeck

The wheel in the game doesn't do what he does with his real hands. Is he just in replay mode of some sort that still follows his head and fakes it completely? Doesn't seem to be some sort of lag.

Slashing Knight

ps4 has many great games by now, this game alone is enough for me to buy but alas i need to get rich first, it aint 400 here, its 100000

Neelotpal Dhar

No deus ex? :O

Vali D Lucifer

Tbh i only subscribed for the Friday's Feature about random stuff . I have watched all of them and enjoyed everyone of them

Invisible Valkyrie

Really good list.

Invisible Valkyrie

Good interview.


This has me worried. Has the last guardian been delayed?

Invisible Valkyrie

Cool interview, it's actually the first Horizon-related interview I've watched from gamescom: I couldn't find any others.


Rob what was the skyrim special edition like ? Are the graphics a lot better ? Do you think it will be worth it ?

EMD Videos

some great games to look forward to this fall - can't wait for rise of iron as i'm a regular destiny player since week one (people love to hate on destiny i'm aware of this) and anything to continue/evolve that experience is good for me, plus it really looks great south park should be good, big fan of the show and the stick of truth was excellent (one of the few games i bothered to platinum) i don't like that there is a season pass for the game though - they annoy me for most games ff15

Bobert McGyver

That's kinda funny. There's an outsidexbox and an insideplaystation. And I'm subscribed to both.

fred nixon

I miss Delson.

fred nixon

I miss the feature already next Friday needs to hurry up.


Looks like a Lemming in the dashboard!

Zed Miller

Rob is Vegeta as a gamer

Ahmad Emu

Robs head is brighter than my future :)

Earl Walker


Banana Joe

I heard 14 was awful I mean I know a realm reborn fixed it

Zach Frings

When Borderlands the handsome collection dropped. I spent about 3 weeks straight playing it. I still play it. I feel when Bioshock comes out again the same thing will happen. These games are so beautiful.


Hollie = Waifu


I think Hollie just jinxed FFXV to a January 2017 release

Si Dog Ducati


Reno van der Made

Rise Of The Tomber Raider, Watch Dogs 2, Final Fantasy 15 and FIFA 17!

Reno van der Made

Rise Of The Tomber Raider, Watch Dogs 2, Final Fantasy 15 and FIFA 17!

Andrew Bohannon

when Konami losses all hope and just goes really weird


You guys should put on a charity event, whoever donates the most money gets to play games with you guys for a day

Agent Isaac

I don't get it, why do people keep buying the doc for destiny. I get it sorta, I played destiny when I came out and played the taken King, but it just doesn't feel like u would have to pay so much money for what I got out of it. I beat everything, but just fighting the same guys over and over again, with no difference in tactics just isn't fun anymore. And I'm gonna guess rise of iron is just more of that. Heck, some of the boss battles take place in the exact same places as other ones.

Numan Harith

So... The VR Headset alone would cost $500, +Steering wheel which is around $300. $800 + PS4/4.5 if you don't have it. Too expensive.


I'm still excessively hyped over Dishonored 2, but I have to say that I'm rather hyped over Rise of Iron too. I've owned my first Play Station for about 2 months now. I didn't have it for a week before a friend screamed "BUY DESTINY. DO IT. NOW!" Now I can't get stop playing it. So now I have both Dishonored 2 and Rise of Iron pre-ordered and I wait.

Pedro Latimer

is there splitscreen co op?


Must have.

Ethan Hyslop

Does anyone know if this feature will be added to the Xbox one version? I own both consoles and since I wanted it, I bought it on release on the Xbox. This looks like good fun with friends though.

Jesus Leto

omg those textures are garbage. PC or bust.


Wow. Wow. Wow. This is the first demonstration that's actually got me interested in the new VR headsets. I'd love to try this out.


My boyfriend says Rob's head looks like an alien.


The real reason Rob is wearing those shades is to hide the tears welling up in his eyes. Kinda sucks that this is a an official PS channel so they can't really give negative opinions about these things.

Seth Heger

Let me day that this play through of "Rise of the Tomb Raider" was AMAZING. I was a little scared of the survival co-op mode the whole time but after getting around to seeing it in action I now know for sure that me and my friends are really looking forward to playing this on PS4. Two reasons I am looking forward to this, 1. It's Tomb Raider and 2. I get to finally add a Tomb Raider game to my collection on my new PS4. Keep making AWESOME videos everyone at +PlayStation Access


Rob what will be your reaction if FFXV gets delayed again?

Damian Waters

this chick doesn't know anything about fighting ganes why tf did they make her the interviewer for this game

Mike, TheAnimated

1-Final Fantasy XV 2-The new God of War 3-Titanfall 2 4-Watchdogs 2 5-Mafia 3 6-Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (Looks pretty cool to me; I'm getting it) 7-Deus Ex Mankind Divided


You two are my PlayStation soulmates

Jack S.

This ia for either Hollie or Rob. I have never looked, read, played, or done anything related to Final Fantasy. But Final Fantasy XV looks sweet, is it worth it to buy even though I have no idea what's going on?

Jakob Roark

you know, there are other survival games on ps4 that are a little more realistic than Don't Starve (7 Days to Die, for example) but christ be damned if you guys mention a game that isn't already popular.


I love hollies accent so much


1:47 God the hatred in Rob's voice at that point. XD I've never played the Metal Gear franchise, but I am upset about this game because... I just feel really bad for Rob in this video. (Also, the team was probably obligated to make this video, and tried to be positive to avoid backlash from Konami. Try not to hate on the video so much, eh people?)

Omed Hani

Gravity Rush 2, Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero and RotTR for me :) KOF XIV in a few days as well.

Alvin Chan (legendarypilot123)

Infinite warfare is worse than mg survive and cod 1


1) they fired kojima and ran out of ideas. 2) the game will a generic af. 3) unnecessary multiplayer functionaloty. 4) apart from being set in the mg universe, it's got nothing to do with it. 5) it'll be total bollocks. come on ps access, you're better than this.


1) they fired kojima and ran out of ideas2) the game will a generic af3) unnecessary multiplayer functionaloty4) apart from being set in the mg universe, it's got nothing to do with it.5) it'll be total bollockscome on ps access, you're better than this.

Vegeta Saiyan Prince of Rage boners

in any far cry game the headshot is king

Alexis Guillen

Any recommendations on a good shooting/not so realistic game. I realise after they mentioned bioshock and I saw the first comment profile(prinny asagi) that I have been playing fantasy games for too long, and I want a shooting game whit just a little of fantasy in it, but nothing comes to my mind. Any soul of bullet that can help me.

Angry Toast

Kind of unrelated but you guys should play elite dangerous


So gutted that I heard that FFXV was being delayed till late november since I was really really looking forward to the end of september to play that wonderful game, although knowing that the game will be made better and perfected does make me feel somewhat better and that I've got the UCE on the way does help too :) . P.s if you hadn't guessed FFXV is my most anticipated game of this year and is probably going to be my game of the year too. P.s 2 also with the new release it actually works

anthony flanagan

I know ye included 2 Final Fantasy games but you cant leave Kingdom Hearts 2.8 out the more Square Enix games the better :D


No Mans sky....oh wait

Prank CC

I'm so sick of destiny. I can play it cuz I'm not rich...


Dark souls first dlc in a month...come on people lol and Death star for battlefront :)

kayce m.

rob @ 0:25 - "there'll be no friday feature bec..." me: /clicks away/


Robs gonna be the next God of war with the way his hair and beard are going. He's gonna look like the new kratos


Hollie's love and enthusiasm for videogames (In particular RPGs) makes me have a crush on her. Why must I be 19!!!

e efilysp

Wait, where is Mankind divided! WTF!


can't wait for VR to be cheap and have loads of games.


When Hollie starts talking im like "ew shut up" then a minute later i fall in love with her voice idk why


I've been out of destiny since house of wolves on 360 and now I have a ps4 so thats going to be fun getting all the way to max level


Hey Rob and Hollie, as we know "Final Fantasy XV" will be available on PS VR, do you think it would be awesome for a "Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Story" (a PS VR version of FFVII through Cloud's eyes) to be made into a PS4 game?

Marco Morreale

No the last guardian ???

Pgtn Pokémon German Trade Network

Vermutlich spielt die Moderatorin Farmville und Angry Birds und behauptet von sich Computerspiele zu spielen. Die hat noch nie einen PS4 Controller in der Hand gehalten!


My most anticipated game for Christmas is the last guardian!


If I haven't played any ff game can I still play 15

troy patterson

imagine if you could use a wormhole like that in metal gear solid the phantom pain

Zip 127

I love how they pretend to be completely oblivious about this games existence.


Does any of the access team play the division or overwatch

Anthony Prpic

I love how rob has had 400 hours ish on Witcher 3 snd he brags about it so much. I have a friend with 800+ on Unturned. Plz. My other friends has 400+ on Destiny


Hollie is soooo cute!! :D

Toby Banister

Destiny will never beat halo original trilogy. Never. It's bad that all the ps players missed out on those games.

Howigothescars A

Can't wait for Gravity Rush 2.

Dan Notz

God Nathan is such a herp a derp.

Christopher Bruno

Should I get the new Final Fantasy if I haven't played any of the others? Thanks.

Petie Cruz

This a very special game to me. I would appreciate it if the right would go back to the person who created the series. Nobody Art should be stolen, there are key things that is missing and if the creator of the game was the one that created that alternate universe situation, it would have been handled with a lot more care and originality. I'm still waiting on chapter 3. I don't know if anybody remembers the phantom pain the original, thanks to their mistake, we still have an incomplete gam


Okay, hier merkt man wirklich, dass Wolf schon ein Profi ist. Richtig professionelles Interview.^^

Viktor Hero

Wow Holly chose the EXACT same games I have pre-ordered and looking forward to. The only games I preordered too.. FREAKY!

Kill Yourself

They should bring this mode to the last of us 2


Dragon ball xenoverse 2

Evi Reborn

While I am super excited for some of these games; I am so looking forward to Tomb Raider :D

White Mage

While I am super excited for some of these games; I am so looking forward to Tomb Raider :D

James Rumsey

My list: 1: Watch Dogs 2 2: Transformers Fall of Cybertron Remastered 3:Titanfall 2 The list is in order of how much I want them. Also any Ubisoft haters can just go away.


Hollie <3


I do hope there are more settings for maps and it's not all set in a snowy forest.


Would you kindly tell me whether Rob likes the sound of the new Metal Gear game or not?


If my calculations are correct, the map is .03 sq mile, or if it was a square, 967 ft on each side. The area of a 60 ft-sided hexagon is 9353.07 ft. Multiply that by 100 tiles and you get 935,307 sq ft. 1 sq mile is 27,878,400 sq ft, so this map is .03354952 sq mi.

Shooting Sheep

So they just slapped Metal Gear in the title hoping that everyone will like it and buy it? What's wrong with Konami?1 Bad move....

Sean Dennis

Hollie said Pokemon in a ps access video


Die Spielekonsole auf der du den Strike beendet hast hätte ich auch gern ;D Dass so alte Technik Destiny abspielen kann :P

Mack About


Jared Senske

Battlefield 1?

Raja Khan

Any recommendation for PS3.


hmm, I hope this really worth it


rob just wants to play old games what about gravity rush 2

Flynn Snowden

As long as there is the music, it's a Friday feature to me.


You guys are on WORLD STAR HIP HOP

Travis Squire

please stop making Zombie modes and just go back to Survival and Spec Ops.... I’m done with CoD until then.


You're trying to make "Dave" some average user who's absolutely floored by this. But judging by what he says he's obviously an employee. The video just comes off as disingenuous, it's tainted what would be an otherwise awesome product/video. "You sound excited" David: "I am excited". Bollocks, acting, fake.


Play Redshift - free spaceship\pvp\pve game on Kongregate - Use this code to gain laods of bonuses ; 224B82


wow A vr game that looks good

Uncle Pete

I know the feeling. It'll be six years until Rockstar creates a main entry SP game, too.

alex lopez

Rob just say it. The ideas of thr game suck , worm holes??zombies?? looks like metal gear evil 6

Chicken Nuggets


Danny M

how is STEEP not here


Destiny the 250 dollar game

Absalles -

Ich hasse den neuen Zombie mode


When they said "everyone's a winner" I had to pause the video and listen to the song "Every 1's a Winner".

Wizo McNeil

Is this a free update?

The “Nameless” Myth

watchdogs 2, GRAVITY RUSH 2!?!?!? Anyone ?!?!?!?

Diamond Elite


Henry H

And here I am, all excited for Persona 5, and nobody even mentioning it, not even in the comments '-'

Jamin Gray

Looks incredible. I might even buy a racing wheel for this.


Why is everyone hating on No Mans Sky??? I know it doesn't have multiplayer but it's still fun without it.


With the number of JRPGs that access seem to adore (and their fondness for good Vita titles) I'm amazed that they've never covered Freedom Wars

Kevin W



Will I play Skyrim a third time? The answer is no.

Thomas Richardson

Man you guys go on and on about final fantasy, its not even that good a series.

James Allen

Can I play this single player? I lack the necessary amount friends who own a PS4.


Yeah I totally agree I can't wait to play The Elder Scrolls V: *Skryim* 4:38 


i dont need to know nothing about this game

Luke brand

Yes skyrim is the one


Welcome home Lara <3


Looking so much forward to Rise of the Tomb Raider! :D Cant wait to get my hands on that game!!! AND watch dogs 2 aswell! its gonna be awesome! xD

Laura Salenius

I'm also so excited about Destiny Rise of Iron. Have been playing Destiny a lot more now.

Blake Konovalenko

can't wait for FIFA 17. Looks amazing!


Hahaha, oh sorry. I'm just laughing at the fact that everyone is shitting on this game at the moment, yet they know very little about it. Haha.....Idiots.


Psyched 4 Mafia 3, WWE 2K17, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and FFXV.


Hmm. PSAccess Let me help y'all out with an even better list ;) Deus Ex Dishonored 2 Mafia 3 FFXV Gravity Rush 2 The Last Guardian Nioh Not a bad looking 2016, though next year will be much better will all the games that were delayed into 2017.

matt porter

I agree Hollie that mechanically destiny is one of the best shooters I have ever played but structurally as a game I hate it. though I haven't played it since around the second expansion and I refused to buy the expansions because I spent full retail price on a game that launched without enough content or functional systems to warrant the price, and then was locked out of content for not giving them more money for expansions, and I don't mean new content, weekly strikes/night falls and d

Racing Video Games

This looks fantastic! VR will breath new life in to Driveclub :) New tracks coming too!

Gaj B

Seems like a bad rest of the year for PS4, only thing I'm looking forward to that's exclusive is The Last Guardian.

Cris Gogo (Johncraftsshovel)

I love Hollie's hair color so much 11/10

James Allen

I've played all the BioShock games countless times and I'm counting down the days until I can play then them on my PS4. So excited.

Joshua Keown

Rob's eyes still look red as hell after hours of mourning Metal Gear. Poor, poor man. Was it worth it, Konami? WAS IT?!


where's Until Dawn?


What's up with the thumbnail? Lol

Jalil Ali

F U Squarenix aint gonna buy this at full price nor ur episodic hitman game either middle finger to all of you!!


I was willing to pay full flak for the big limited collector's edition of FF15 but because my card expired before the game was due to originally release Square Enix wouldn't take my money. Then they ran out.......I didn't cry, shut up! ಥ_ಥ


I hear ya, Hollie. I always say that if I'm to play an open world game, it better have walls! Lol World of final fantasy. So basically, Funko (Pop!) made an FF game?


This video is so convenient for me. Every time I try to make a list of the games I want coming out before Christmas I always wind up forgetting half of them. This will make mapping out how many hundreds of dollars I'll be spending on games instead of textbooks much easier. XD


Dave plays as Rob's mom?! Scarred for life.

Balu 3010

Ich frage mich dann, ob das Spiel wirklich genug tiefe und Story bietet, um eine Motivation zu haben es weiter zu spielen. Vor allem auf das Gameplay bin ich gespannt da es momentan für eher wie ein walking Simulator mit kleinen Interaktionen aussieht als wie ein wirkliches Spiel.


Cant wait to try out PS VR myself - Looks so great! :D

Ħλรรλи ҜเÝλиเ SSG

Rob looks like he's still heartbroken on metal gear survive

Matt Brown

got my Fractured but Whole pre-order waiting, already replayed my free copy of Stick of Truth once, will probably go through again before December. I can't wait to move around the battlefield and change time with my atomic farts

zero defhs

halo 3 was pretty good.

Daniel W

This seems like it might be like Metal Gear Survive

Sophie Witts

What, no last Guardian? :o FINE THEN, I'll just sit and get hyped for it alone in the corner - more Trico for me!

George Daniel Smith

I never completed Skyrim on the ps3....should I buy the ps4 version and just walk into the wilderness and get lost? and actually complete it this time?


Is Robs head 60% forhead?


Persona 5! Well, if you're Japanese, at least. Or do the work and play in Japanese with a dictionary or guide or whatever. But there's also KoF XIV, so it's fine.


They're both in so much pain talking about this, so much indescribable pain


Compared to Tomb Raider, is the sp/story mode better or worse?


Seriously where did they find this interviewer? She knows nothing about games. It would make sense if she was attractive but WTF?

Steampunk 117

have you ever seen a monthly free ps4 game and said it looks dumb, then it turns out its like the best game ever next month

Lucas Petty

Wait, Rob's a father now? ... hope unpausable games won't be a thing for fifteen to twenty years...

Turan X

I'm surprised Deus Ex Mankind Divided and The Last Guardian aren't in here. Interesting.

Joshua Lees

Titanfall 2


awww Hollie im not gonna make fun of you for being super excited about final fantasy 15! Im excifed for all the games you mentioned and I still havent finished the witcher 3 since I got on the wagon late for that one! I must say though I cant wait for rise of iron. I've been on destiny since launch. I've got the two legendary editions of it vanilla and TTK and this expansion looks awesome! One other game though... kingdom hearts 2.8! people dont understand the story relevance basically eve

Sebas-chan Michaelis

So the mother was Dave all along. This must be the biggest plot twist in gaming history


Vielen Dank für eure ganzen Mühen, die Gamescomvideos sind für mich immer ein besonderes Highlight. Muss einfach mal gesagt werden. Ist ganz sicher mit sehr viel Stress verbunden und den merkt man euch dann in den Videos gar nicht mehr an. Großes Lob an euer gesamtes Team, ihr macht ne super Arbeit. Nächstes Jahr sehe ich euch dann hoffentlich nicht nur hinter geschlossenen Türen im Studio sondern auch mal außerhalb! Wolf, du Fickmann! Sorry, ich kann's nicht lassen (ich war nicht der, der

Michael Lawrence

I have to agree with Hollie I really can't wait for FF15 I love all final fantasy games, I'm so excited. only thing is I booked 2 weeks off work for the original release date and can't change them now...... Absolutely gutted!


But i live in canada and i get snow 4 month a year. A used rwd car would cheaper that this setup.


How the hell did she get this job? she is clueless about every game in every interview

shadow marshall

this is horrible. Konami has officially ruined metal gear

shadow marshall

this is horrible. Konami has officially ruined metal gear

Ciarán Teape

Final Fantasy 15 will be out before Christmas... Christmas 2026

Ciarán Teape

Final Fantasy 15 will be out before Christmas... Christmas 2026

Darks1de Gaming

Looks pretty cool


just name it Tales of Final Fantasy, they finally got it XD


Wow, richtig gut das Interview.


best change this list to 5 as no doubt 2 or more of these games will be delayed


Don't buy this. Just watch the whole walkthrough on YouTube! Non point buying an old Xbox game.


I'm trying not to hype too much! This is so cool

Primitive Spongebob

I'm a big Tomb Raider fan but part of me wants to hold off buying this to teach the devs a lesson about being sell outs


There are a few games I want to pick up, but they're going to have to wait until sometime next year. I hope I don't forget about them.


Inverted for life motherfuckers.

Mario Neijenhuis

Skyrim Special !! Im gonna play without Fast Travel.

Steampunk 117

I want to start the final Fantasy series so where should I start

Ewan Suttle

Is it a dlc or a brand new game?


FF15 isn't a new game!!!! AHHHHHHHHH


Ten thousand feet....Fifteen thousand feet.....Hallelujah.


Wirds ne offene oder closed Beta/Alpha geben, wenn ja wann?

Leo James

Don't hate, but I'm looking forward to Gran Turismo Sport.

Sam Sant

Been waiting to see what this looks like. Think it justifies a pre-order!


Dragon Quest Builders seems to be missing from this list.

Crash Bandicoot

FYI At 3:38, you spelled Skyrim wrong.


ich ferue mich mega auf das game


Rob, you looked way happier for Metal Gear Solid 5, which is considered now as the worst Metal Gear game. Are you unhappy about this announcement like us, MGS fans? You really don't look enthusiastic, that feels strange :/


When you're trying to big up a game that sucks and it is killing you inside. This can be seen in Rob's face.

Marco Cervesato

sometimes ur hands scae me rob :D

Jan Reintges

Fionn McMahon

I can see myself spending 50 years on no man's sky

Avalanche Of Spinach

can you play with other people or is it friends only

Lewis Charlwood

I'm not interested in any of these except South Park and rise of iron tbh

John James

Genre swapping....not the first Konami franchise to do this. Yakuza has genre swapping spin-offs which are actually very good so who know this could be alright.